Lamps can brighten up our lives in more ways than one! Check out these brilliant lamps we'd love to own.


1. Jeeves Bowler Hat Lamp By Jake Phipps at Innermost

crazy lamps: Jeeves Bowler Hat lamp by Innermost

Want your own personal butler? This Jeeves Bowler Hat Lamp is the next best thing. It won’t make your tea, but it will smarten up your living room!

2. Ribbon Copper table lamp by Claire Norcross for Habitat

crazy lamps: Ribbon table lamp Habitat

We love this unusual table lamp. Is it just us, or does it look a bit like an alien walking about on his knees? Whatever weird and wonderful shape you see, it’s a great bit of lighting.

3. Bourgie table lamp by Kartell

crazy lamps: Kartell table lamp

This gorgeous, colourful baroque lamp makes a real style statement. We’d love to have it in our boudoir!

4. Sitting Dog Lamp by Matt Pugh for Pedlars

crazy lamps: Dog lamp Pedlars

We think this lamp is so funny and totally cute. And a little bit barking mad, too!

5. Waterloo Table Lamp at The French Bedroom Company

crazy lamps: bust lamp

Want your own head of the great Napoleon? Who doesn’t?! Plus, who would have guessed that pink is just his colour?

6. Trumpet Lamp by Out There Interiors

crazy lamps: trumpet lamp

This musical lamp is such an unusual design. We know the trumpets look real, but you wouldn’t get very far if you tried to play them…

7. Dino Was Here Table Lamp by Little Home at John Lewis

crazy lamps: Dino dinosaur lamp

If you’ve ever wanted your own pet dinosaur, then this is the perfect lamp for you. It’s way cuter and far less dangerous that the real thing.

8. Pencil Lamp by Ben de Lisi at Debenhams

crazy lamps: Pencil lamp

We love this pencil lamp! Such a simple design, that’s totally to the point!

9. Shaun Table Lamp by BHS

crazy lamps: Table lamp bird BHS

Don’t worry, no birds here harmed in the making of this table lamp. It really does look like a dodgy experiment, doesn’t it?

10. Leg Lamp at A Christmas Story House Gift Shop

crazy lamps: Leg Lamp

This brilliant table lamp is a replica of the famous prop from the film A Christmas Story.
It comes complete with a fishnet stocking and fringed skirt lampshade. Swit swoo!


From the unusual to the downright weird, we think Brick from Anchorman said it best…

Brick Anchorman


What did you think of these crazy lamps? Let us know…