These happy animals enjoy looking on the bright side of life. We hope their smiling faces make you feel the same way – it's impossible not to smile when faced with these cheerful chaps!


1. Awesome ostrich

smiling ostrich - happy animals


This ostrich loves having his photo taken… what a poser!


2. Happy harbor seal

laughing seal


Surely everyone enjoys rolling around in the sand? This young Harbor seal certainly does!


3. Cute kitten

happy kitten


Peek a boo….what a cheeky little kitten. It definitely likes to play games.


4. Alright orangutan

smiling organutan - happy animals


This orangutan is one happy guy, he’s most certainly nailed that school-photo-day smile!


5. Chipper quokka

Quokka - happy animals


Officially the happiest animal on the planet! Quokkas always have a smile on there face.


6. Matey mole

happy mole


This little guy just popped up to say hello!


7. Smug sheep

chilled sheep - happy animals

PA Photos

A wooly dude who’s pretty happy with his lot.


8. Positive panda

shy panda - happy animals


Check out this bashful face, does he know something we don’t?


9. Pecker-up parrots

cheeky parrots - happy animals


Life is good for these two pretty boys!


10. And totally terrific turtle!

smiling turtle - happy animals

PA Photos

Look at the giant smile on this ecstatic turtle, he loves to be picked up!


We hope these cuties have brightened your day! Does your pet have a cheeky grin too? Send us a pic of your happy animals on Facebook!