You'll already have heard the shocking news: the name 'Gary' will be extinct by the 22nd century… So we're begging YOU to give your next offspring this prestigious monicker. (And yes, it's a girl's name, too – so much prettier than Charlotte…)
To urge you on, we celebrate all things Gary...


The G Files

The name originated in 1880 and hit its heyday in the early 1950s – when 38,000 little Gazzas popped onto the world stage. But it’s in sad decline – with the name only being given to 442 babies worldwide in 2013. With only 28 in Britain! (If you know one of ’em, let us know!)

Did you know..?

…it’s a girls’ name, too! Though the last recorded she-Gary was dubbed back in 1997.

It’s a place?!

Map showing Gary, Indiana


Yup, Gary, Indiana, USA!  Just 25 miles from Chicago, it was once known as City of the Century. It was founded in 1906 by the US Steel Corporation and by the 1950s was a bustling place with 200,000 people working and living there. Sadly, the steel industry went into decline, the people left and the proud buildings were gradually demolished. The city became a ghost town, slowly disappearing, like the boys’ name…

But, hang on, this is the town that gave us The Jackson 5! The tiny house where the big family grew up still stands today. Another reason to celebrate ‘Gary’.

What does it mean?

The name comes from the German, meaning ‘spear’. Ooh – rugged! See what the Urban Dictionary says about our favourite name…

See also: Gas, Gaz, Gazza, Gaz-pot

These are a few of our favourite Garys

1. Gary the Snail (Beloved pet of Spongebob Squarepants)

2. Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

PA Photos

(Oh, he of the Cheese and Onion packet and dodgy tache – scored 330 goals in his footy career; middle name Winston)

3. Gary Barlow (He’s scared of flying but does have a Gold Blue Peter Badge. Take That!)

4. Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper in cowboy hat

PA Photos

(Actor and handsome cowboy – ask your Dad)

5. Gary Oldman (Has played some bad-ass baddies, but we loved him best in Kung Fu Panda 2)

6. Gary Numan (Our Friend Electric, but a bit heavy-handed with the foundation)

7. Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman with Lucille Ball

With Lucille Ball. Credit: PA Photos

(Hands up who loved Diff’rent Strokes? All together now: ‘What you talking’ ’bout Willis?’)

A royal name..?

Baby Gary for Kate Middleton and Prince William?

PA Photos

Charlotte? Pah! Princess Gary would have been SO much better…


Got a best mate called Gary? Tell us all about him in the comment box, below…