Yes, we know they're not real, but when you watch all time greats like the Muppets or Zippy from Rainbow, dammit, you can't help wishing they were!


1. Roland Rat

Roland was famed for saving ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain. To call Roland a rat leaving a sinking ship clearly couldn’t be further from the truth! ‘Yeyyy ratfans’


2. Sooty

Sooty was basically mischief in the form of a glove puppet, always spraying water into Matthew Corbett’s face. His friends, the slightly silly Sweep and mother figure Soo (who sounded like croaky pensioner) forged a strange household.


3. Basil Brush

A posh fox with the annoying catch phrase ‘BOOM BOOM’ He has lasted the test of time by popping up on tv through the years and even today (YouTube sketches every Monday). Sadly without the original Mr Derek.


4. Gordon the gopher

The BBC broom cupboard always lended itself to a small furry creature. Pip Schofield had Gordon who he took to Going Live and Andi Peters/Andy Crane had Edd the Duck. Both had the purpose of messing up links and putting the presenter off with irrelavant squeaks or quacks.


5. Orville

Orville was an 80s icon. Who over the age of 35 doesn’t remember this big green feathered bird in a nappy? He wished he could fly right up to the sky but alas he couldn’t. Keith, sadly, is there now though. RIP Keith.


6. Emu

In the same vain here’s a 70s 80s icon. Rod Hull who brought an Emu called er ‘Emu’ to life and got away with plenty of classic TV moments, convincing Michael Parkinson, Terry Wogan and Russel Harty it was the Emu and not him attacking them in the middle of his talk show!


7. Zippy

Children’s programme Rainbow brought us this gratingly voiced,  badly behaved puppet that had Geoffrey in many a dilemma along with sidekicks George the hippo and Bungle Bear.  As for Zippy, the only way to shut him up was to zip his mouth closed!


8. Kermit and friends

Arguably the most famous of the Muppets although Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and Animal might have something to say about that. Originally from Sesame Street where he reported, very much a like a muppet version of Alan Partridge. He’s been around since 1955. Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch all featured in Sesame Street…an educational show that appealed to adults and children.

Other favourites were Statler and Waldorf the two curmudgeons who sat in a theatre box making scathing comments!


9. Hartley Hare

The star of Pipkins – a 70s children’s show about a puppet workshop – was undoubtedly Hartley Hare. Despite sounding rather posh, Hartley looked like he’d more than a touch of mange and had probably been dragged through several hedges backwards.


Here’s the rest – have we missed any of your favourites?

10. Spit the dog

11. Nookie bear

12. Lenny the Lion

13. Lord Charles

14. Gilbert the alien

15. Zig and Zag

16. Nobby the sheep

17. Knitted character (from Harry Hill’s TV Burp)

18. Spitting Image

19. Banana Splitz

20. Lamb Chop

21. Fraggles

22. Topov

23. The Riddlers

24. Avenue Q

Some real oldies…

25. Bill and Ben

26. Thunderbirds/Joe 90/Terrahawks/Captain Scarlet

27. Pinky and Perky

28. Muffin the mule

29. Flat Eric