There are some things that all sports fans share. From obsessive watching to memorabilia hoarding, these traits will be all too familiar.


1. They remember the important stuff

They won’t remember to hang up the washing, but they will remember who scored the game-winning goal in 1992.

2. Silence is golden

They’ll happily talk through your programmes but God help you if you talk during the game!

3. They know how much the essentials cost

Of course they know how much their favourite player cost in the last transfer window, but can they remember how much the council tax is each month?

4. They’re a book collector



You have hundreds of sports books everywhere. Biographies, autobiographies, season round-ups, sports history, basically everything they can get their hands on.

5. They care about people

They read all about their favourite players, but they find it hard to remember your best friend’s birthday.

6. You have to know when the games are

You can’t plan anything important during the finals. Well you can, but you might be doing whatever is it alone.

7. They’re a fan magnet

If they find another fan when you are out, you’re at risk of losing them for the evening.

8. They can magic up a game wherever and whenever

sports fan watching football


They will always find a game to watch. Even when you think the season is over, somehow there is a friendly or a different championship to watch. You marvel at their ability to conjure up a match.

9. You hear ALL about everything

You listen to them talk for hours about the game. The worst part is that you start to fill up your brain with facts about a sport you don’t even like.

10. They’re a big spender

They spend more on some of their sports gear than you do on your most expensive clothes.

11. They love the element of surprise

They get excited when their sport is mentioned unexpectedly. There you are watching a film that randomly features their sport, when suddenly it’s the best film ever.

12. They’re an interior designer

163041_10150359405940487_5283923_nYou have bizarre items in your home that don’t go with anything. Who wouldn’t want team-branded cushions or oven gloves?

13. There’s no escape

If they aren’t watching or talking about their sport, they’re playing it on a games console or in real life.

14. Their team has the power

Their mood can depend entirely on if their team has won or lost the game.

15. Don’t forget the memorabilia!

They collect ridiculous memorabilia relating to their team. Your place is filling up with the stuff. Is it multiplying when you’re not looking?

16. Off-season? What off-season?

foam finger sports fan


They say the season has a beginning and end, but it feels like it goes on forever!

17. They’re a fan maker

Worst of all, you find yourself actually caring about the game and who wins and loses! How did that happen?


Do you live with a sports fan too? Does this all sound scarily familiar?