If you are one of those people that biting insects seems to gravitate towards, then some of these things will be all too familiar!


1. You are other people’s insect repellent

Why bother with wearing insect repellent when you are there to take the brunt of the bites? Whenever you are with other people, those pesky insects are far too interested with you to bother with anyone else. You sometimes feel a bit like Linus from the Peanuts books…

2. You are always trying to work out a mystery bite

You have been known to spend hours Googling different possible insects that could’ve bitten you, so that you know how best to treat the unbearable itch.

3. You dread summer a little bit

Summer is most people’s favourite time of year, but the heat and sunny evenings mean one thing to you… mosquito season!

4. Standing water + heat = hell

Yes, the lake looks picturesque on a lovely summer evening, but you’d rather not hang out in the home of all of those breeding biting bugs!



5. You aren’t really built for the countryside

Being a living, breathing, beacon for bugs doesn’t really make you feel at home in the countryside.

6. You get your very own kind of summer skin

Less glowing and more red, blotchy and covered in bites.

7. Insect repellent is your summer must-have

During the summer season you get bitten by insects so frequently that insect repellent has become more important to you than sun cream!

8. You ALWAYS have antihistamines

You wonder what you would ever do without them (probably scratch all of your skin off!)

9. You’ve tried everything

Literally everything that anyone EVER suggests. Taking vitamin B, eating Marmite, taking garlic tablets, you have tried it all, but you always end up having to cover yourself from head to toe with insect repellent.



10. You are a fountain of knowledge

Your mates always come to you with their mystery bites. Chances are you can tell them what could’ve bitten them AND how to calm the itching…

11. You love a bonfire

Anything to keep those pests away from you!

12. Your bedroom windows are ALWAYS shut at night

You don’t care how hot it is, your bedroom door and windows are closed through night. You’d rather be too hot than covered in bites.

13. You think mosquito screens are the best invention ever

You can have the window open AND keep the bugs out! You want all of the doors and windows in your home to have these babies.



14. You are always on the lookout

The hunt for the perfect insect repellent seems endless. They are either too sticky, too chemical-smelling or just not effective enough!