In part 3 of our six-part series, we bring you 5 more annoyances we’d love to be rid of forever… See if you too would like to see these enter Room 101 - never to be seen again…


1. Tiny 5p Coins



The smaller 5p coins were introduced back in June 1990 – so why haven’t we got used to them?! We’re still struggling to pluck them from the corners of our purse, where they get stuck. It makes no sense that although it’s worth four times more than the 1p piece, it’s smaller. The penny piece is 20.3mm in diameter, whereas the diminutive 5p piece is just 18mm. We’ve come to the conclusion the Royal Mint is a bit penny pinching (sorry)!

2. Captchas


This stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test and they’re used by websites to prove we’re not robots. We’re asked to identify random letters. We find it almost impossible to work out what we’re looking at. We’re often given the choice to choose another – but that’s often more indecipherable than the original configuration! Robots would probably have no trouble understanding them… They’re pretty clever aren’t they?

3. Loo Rolls Without Proper Perforations



It’s normally only the bargain toilet paper that isn’t properly perforated in handy sections. When you go to pull off loo roll, it’s so frustrating when you have to yank and tear until the paper separates from the roll and ends up all straggly and thin with bits all over the floor. You’ve come to the decision it might be time to upgrade your brand of bog roll!

4. The Boring Bit On Bargain Hunt



You like Bargain Hunt. You find it interesting watching the teams search antique fairs with their experts to find trinkets they might earn a few bob on. You also enjoy the auction section where the stuff they’ve bought gets sold, hopefully for a profit. But then the presenter heads off to a posh house to nose around and bore us with details about some old brown furniture. We want to go back and see the teams haggling, then gawp at the ridiculous tat they’ve ended up with. Entertain us in that manner, fine, but please stop taking us to dusty manor houses!

5. People Who Make Us Jump

We don’t find it at all funny when people leap out with the sole purpose of trying to scare the bejesus out of us! Problem is, we’ve shown on previous occasions we totally overact when somebody makes us jump. It seems, because of that, people we know have turned taking us by surprise into an art form! It’s now like Cato in the Pink Panther movies. Cato would find more and more inventive ways to startle his boss Inspector Clousseau. Cato was played by Burt Kwouk, who died in May this year aged 85. See him in action here…


Join us again next week for five more things we want to put into Room 101