When you were a kid, there were certain things that you hated being told off for. You thought once you were an adult, that would be a thing of the past. How wrong you were! Here’s a list of what you’re still being reprimanded for…but this time, not by a parent – but your partner!


1. Being told… To turn the lights off, even if you’ve only just briefly left the room and plan to return.

2. Being told… Not to leave the fridge door open, but you were trying to put the week’s shopping away.

3. Being told… You’re getting through too much loo roll and to limit the amount you use! Not gonna happen!

4. Being told… To stop drinking Cola out of the bottle as it’s not hygienic.

5. Being told…  Not to leave the milk out as it’ll go off. True, but you were late for work.

6. Being told… Don’t go out with wet hair as you’ll catch a cold. You’ve known that was a myth for years.

7. Being told… Not to leave your make-up all over the bathroom sink.

8. Being told… To use your own razor for shaving your legs, not theirs.

9. Being told…  Not to drink too much when you go out.

10. Being told… Your skirt’s too short.

11. Being told… Instead of just turning on the heating, trying putting on a jumper.

12. Being told… To budget more and not blow all your money as soon as you get it.

13. Being told… Not to stare at others when you’re out. Even though a couple are having a heated argument in the pub and you can’t take your eyes off them.

14. Being told… To turn your music down as you’ll upset the neighbours. You like blasting your tunes.

15. Being told… Not to stay up too late looking at Facebook.


What do you hate being told off for? Let us know below…