Not eating meat really isn't the hard part!


1. Having to explain to everyone you see that yes, you’re now a vegetarian, and yes, you’re still happy to go to Nandos, gets boring after a while.

2. Your mum will nag you (pretty much every day) about making sure you’re still getting enough iron.

3. Hitting the takeaway after a night out no longer means a massive kebab or a family sized box of chicken – it’s all about the chips now.

4. Not all of the big chain restaurants actually have any decent vegetarian options on the menu.

5. … and you have to split the bill equally between friends when you go out for dinner– even though you only had booze and garlic bread.

6. Quorn chicken and mince is actually really tasty – there’s pretty much a veggie version of all your old favourite meaty foods.

7. Cooking veggie mince for the first time is really confusing – if it’s brown already then how do you know that it’s cooked?!

8. There are never any veggie burgers already cooked in McDonalds when you order, and you ALWAYS have to wait.

9. People will assume that you’re now really, really healthy – they just clearly haven’t seen the amount of carbs and cheese you’re eating now.

10. Everyone asks if you miss bacon.

11. You eat more cheese than you thought was possible – cheese sandwiches, cheesy pizza, chessy chips, cheese on it’s own…

12. It might be delicious, but goats cheese is in every single vegetarian meal when you eat out – maybe you can actually have too much of a good thing?

13. People try to debate animal cruelty with you over dinner. Please just shhh and let me eat my lovely plate full of cheese in peace.

14. You realise that no one in their right mind would ever stuff a pepper – it might look good on MasterChef, but in real life it’s always disappointing. Who even came up with it in the first place?

15. You think about going vegan, but remember they can’t eat cheese and quickly decide that it’s probably not for you.



16. People love to ask ‘why do you still wear leather shoes if you’re a vegetarian?’ – well done, you’re very clever – NEXT.

17. Roast dinners are a little bit weird when you’re vegetarian. Why would anyone want to eat a quiche or a tart with all the normal roast trimmings?!

18. You realise just how easy it was to give up meat – and the idea of eating it again makes you feel a bit sick.

19. You find yourself wondering if you can actually get ill from eating too much cheese.

20. People genuinely say things like ‘a little bit of meat won’t hurt’ – SERIOUSLY?!

21. You find out that some Bisto gravy granules are vegetarian, and feel so happy you might actually burst.

22. People will assume that you’re judging them for eating meat in your company. We’re not, just FYI.

23. Fresh vegetables go off SO quickly – so you end up eating them all in one very strange meal that looks a bit like a Bushtucker trial.

24. Veggie sweets are so much more chewy and delicious than normal ones – who knew?!

25. There are so many different kinds of vegetarian sausages available that you have to spend weeks trying to decide which is the best and, most importantly, tastes the least like stuffing.

26. Realising that you’re not actually saving that much on your weekly shop by not eating meat, because turns out cheese is expensive too.

27. You now get ridiculously over excited when you see Quorn products on offer in the supermarket – and then buy way more than you could fit in the freezer.

28. Nothing is worse than ordering a mushroom and halloumi burger and then getting served bits of halloumi and a giant mushroom in a bun instead of a pattie. That’s a sandwich, not a burger – please don’t get our hopes up.

29. Feeling secretly a bit smug when you hear that apparently vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.

30. Actually hearing your heart break when you found out that not all cheese is vegetarian – PIZZA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

31. Did we mention that you eat a lot of cheese?


Do you have any more to add? Let us know!