Ever thought there might be more to life than the long wait for retirement? Imagined doing something demanding, dynamic and downright daring? Or considered the possibility of being carried out of work in a wooden box? Could be that your job is boring you to death. Here are some of the telltale signs…


1. You’ve just spent 10 minutes mentally willing one raindrop to beat another in a race down the window.

2. The last five minutes took a good hour to pass.

3. You fall asleep chanting the office empowerment mantra and wake up with it still in your head.

4. The colleague who sits opposite you knows exactly how many fillings you have in your teeth.

5. You just woke yourself up snoring.

6. You’re the only person to remark that the tea stain on the office carpet looks exactly like a map of Ireland.

7. You’ve discovered that paperclips can make really good artisanal daisy chains.

8. You know the names and life stories of every maintenance person in the building.

9. You’ve done so many doodles of your boss, your latest effort could be used as a police e-fit.

10. When people ask you what you do, you wave them away with ‘Yadda-yadda-yadda’.

11. You take a day off to do your tax return as a treat.

12. You react to meetings in the same way as a dog – all you hear is ‘blah, blah, blah…’.

13. You know the exact shape and dimensions of the crack in the ceiling above your boss’s desk.

14. You’ve worked out that if you spell your company name backwards it nearly makes sense as a whole new word!

15. You get a colleague to ring you and ‘call you to an emergency meeting’ at least once a week.

16. You take 15-minute loo breaks to play Dumb Ways To Die on your phone.

17. Someone just asked you to smile, raise your arms and say a simple sentence – but no, you’re not having a stroke, you’re just bored, bored, BORED!!