It's the little things in life that make us smile, and we love all these simple pleasures that women will totally relate to


1. Putting on proper big pants


Thongs – no-one likes you. Long live apple catchers that tuck your tummy in and keep your bum warm!

2. Swapping skinny jeans for PJs

The minute we know we’re in for the night we have to do this. Why is it we can’t wear pyjamas all day again?

3. Getting into bed when you’ve just shaved your legs


Shaving our legs is a chore, but this makes it worth the effort. And if it’s fresh, clean sheets all the better.

4. Taking your hair out of a ponytail

We’ve loved this feeling since our school days when we couldn’t wait to get home and yank out the extra tight ponytail our mum had done that morning.

5. Heels off, slippers on


Our poor tootsies weren’t made to be crammed into those (albeit pretty) torture devices!

6. Spotting a grey hair and ripping it out

So satisfying to get the blighters. But beware, as you get older, this can become a full time job.

7. Peeling off a facemask


Admit it, you love looking at all the grime and gunk that’s come off your skin as much as we do.

8. Peeling off nail varnish

More peeling, it’s just so satisfying. Extra points if you can get it off in one complete piece

9. Taking off your bra


Yep. We saved the best til last. Nothing will ever beat this feeling.