Given they're chosen by random selection, some of the letter tiles drawn by Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley have spelt out truly shocking words on the cult teatime show. (And one of them makes us blush too much to publish it in full…) Then there was one made by a contestant that we've left you to work out for yourself!



Carol in despair

Oh dear! Carol Vorderman despairs at this unfortunate luck-of-the-draw letter-tile selection back in the day, when the late Richard Whiteley was host…


Carol Vorderman on Countdown

… but she looks pretty resigned to the appearance of this lavatorial two-word combo…


Carol Vorderman laughing…and she’s positively hysterical at this gaffe! (Or should that be guff?!)


Rachel Riley with her unfortunate word

Rachel Riley didn’t fare much better when she drew four letters and made a (literally) dirty word…


The seven-letter expletive

…or when this absolute classic was offered from the selection by the usually classy Myleene Klass!


Two vicars and a very rude word!

You couldn’t make it up… Believe it or not, two vicars were the contestants when this most irreverent selection came out of the letter-tile boxes completely at random!


Unfortunate selection of letter tiles

And finally…can you guess the six-letter word this guy came up with that left Richard Whiteley speechless? (Clue: It begins with ‘w’, ends in ‘r’ and has a ‘k’ in between..?)