If you were setting up your own business, what would you call it? Do you think you’d find the inspiration to come up with something brilliant like these owners? The following are punny shop names and witty posters that have appeared in store windows. We hope you love them as much as we did…


1. Halal is is meat you’re looking for


There are rumours that there is a kebab shop in East London and a butcher’s in Tooting called this. We can’t confirm either, but we’ve heard it used and seen signs using Lionel Richie’s famous song for many businesses and jokes. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this amusing image.

The next two shops are actually both in the same parade in Loughton High Road. The children’s shoe shop came first and we bet when the animal boutique opened, it saw
name-choosing as a bit of a competition with its neighbour!

2. Look Who’s Walking


The name of this children’s clothes and shoes shop is a humorous spin on 1989 movie Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Bruce Willis voicing their son Mikey. Every time we pass, it makes us laugh. Now it’s double funny cos just down the road is this place…

3. Pet-a-pawter


In this doggy dress shop, their website tells us that discerning owners can buy quality pet apparel. But we’re so impressed by the fancy multi-purposed title. Obviously inspired by the French term prêt-a-porter, which translated into English means ready-to-wear. So clever!

Talking of clever, this next few are blooming brilliant!

4. Back to the Fuchsia

If you’re down Bucks way, Milton Keynes to be precise, you’d come across this fabulous florist’s shop. Or you may just catch sight of one of their eye-catching vans on the road delivering blossoms to some lucky recipient.

5. Laurel’s & Hardy

Another company involved in all things floral are these landscape gardeners. They’re based in Dagenham, but we’ve seen their van out and about in Essex and  loved it! It left us wondering, though, we know laurels are trees, so what’s hardy, the perennials or the workers?! We weren’t quick enough to snap a photo of their van, but wanted to share the joke with you anyway!

6. Austin Flowers


According to the shop front, this store sells fruit and veg, but we reckon we can see some bouquets, too, which ties in with the title. We don’t think it’s in business now, so no point phoning, but we had to show you this shot of its shop front – and say, ‘Yeah, Baby!

7. Melon cauli


Talking of fruit, this shop name will make you think, quite deeply for some reason! And when it’s not being thought-provoking, you can always head to Birmingham to pick up some greens. Plus according to their canopy, they do funeral work, too, and now we’re feeling all deep and meaningful again!

8. Pieminister


Who doesn’t love a pie! Who doesn’t love a pie shop with a clever name?! We’ve got both here! A play on ‘Prime Minister’ we assume, but our only debate would be which filling we went for! This branch is in Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank in London, and so benefits from many a satisfied tourist enjoying its delicious wares.

9. Alan Cartridge

In the words of a celeb with a similar moniker: A-ha! This shop in Leeds does exactly what it says in the name, sells ink cartridges for printers. And is quite famous on social media amongst those who appreciate such cleverness!

There are hundreds of fab names for hairdresser’s: Here are a few of our faves: Curl up and dye. Scissor Sisters. Scissor Hands. Cutting Room, Cutting Crew, Cutting Remarks, British Hairwasys and Mane Advocates. But we wanted to end our list with this brilliant shop name. In our eyes, it has the lot: a brilliant pun, a separate meaning and words that totally apply to what the business is all about. Enjoy. We did!

10. Crops & Bobbers

If you take a trip to Gillingham High Street in Kent, you’ll find this ingeniously titled hairdresser’s. We felt it was a fitting end to what has been such a fun list to compile. So Crops & Bobbers we salute you (gently, though, don’t want to spoil our new do, be it a crop or a bob!)


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