Down in the dumps because your relationship's over? We have the perfect way to mend your broken heart...


Don’t mope over a break-up. Just print out the pages below. You’ll be through the heartache and on the road to recovery in no time… Honest!

1. Break-Up Bingo

A quick game of break-up bingo will have you hysterics (we’re not talking self-pitiful tears).

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald


2. Break-Up Playlist

Sure, maybe Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love helped you through the first few days of shock, when all you wanted to do was cry. But it’s time to move on through the seven stages of grief with music.

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald


3. Sympathy Cards

Dole out the nifty sympathy cards when you need a post break-up hug/sympathy/alone time.

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald


4. Break-Up Translator

OK, we know you memorised every word of the break-up speech – from ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ to ‘You deserve someone better than me.’ It’s time to sit down calmly and work out exactly what those clichés really meant… I mean, let’s face it, he’s just not that into you, but you need to work through it and move on. It’s brutal, but essential. It’ll help you realise when someone really is into you.



5. Psycho-Ex-Ometer

Don’t beat yourself, we’ve all gone a little loopy when the relationship ends. Those tearful phone calls begging to be taken back. Being ‘in the area’, when you actually live nowhere near their office. Just own it and you can get over it…the-psycho-ex-ometer

*Note: ‘Jive talk’ means to talk sarcastically about someone, in this case your ex! ‘Smack talk’  basically means slagging them off!

6. The Moral High Ground

So, now you’re through the worst of it, and have clawed back some dignity, you can claim some moral high ground!



7. Your Best Possible Self

Enough beating yourself up already! You’re gorgeous, smart, funny and sexy. Prove it to yourself by sketching the perfect portrait in this frame…doodle-a-potrait-of-your-best-possible-self


8. Bitterness Rating

Holding onto to bitterness is not good. Here’s hoping you’re no longer a sourpuss…



Feeling better and less bitter? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself back out there.


The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald, published by Carlton Books Ltd, is priced £6.99.

The Break-Up Journal by Tom Devonald