These things will be all too familiar if you aren't a fan of being in front of a camera...


1. You only have two photo faces

Awkward and ridiculous. It’s not your fault, you have no idea what to do in front of a camera!

2. A family photo shoot IS NOT a treat

It’s torture, pure and simple.

3. You are always behind the camera

It’s your mission in life to be the designated photographer. That way you aren’t expected to be in any of the photos.



4. You dread official photos

Not only do you hate the whole experience, you also get stuck with a hideous official photo for years. Brilliant.

5. You never know what to do when a camera is pointed at you

You tend to look like a deer caught in the headlights. You’ll never understand how other people find it so easy.

6. There aren’t many pictures of you

You have very little to prove that you were actually present at most occasions.



7. You hate all photos of yourself

Digital photography actually makes things worse. Your friends make you re-take pictures if you don’t look happy enough. Don’t they realise that you are never happy when a camera is shoved in your face?

8. You prefer natural photos

If pictures have to be taken, you’d prefer not being aware of them happening. At least that way you can avoid going through the whole pose and re-take hell.

9. You don’t understand selfies

Seriously? Why on earth would anyone want to take so many pictures of themselves?