We think certain terms should never be used. These are some of worst offenders that are just too gross for words...

1. Sheath dress

Shift dress is the only way to go, fact. Let’s leave sheaths right out of it.

2.  Soft opening

Seriously? What’s wrong with launch, or pre-launch, or ANYTHING other than soft opening? It just sounds so wrong!

3. Warm regards

Warmth, really? We do not want to think about your warmth.

4. Moist

This word should not be used ever, not even for cake. Even a very, very moist cake.

9 gross terms


5. Going viral

WHY oh why would you want to go viral? It just sounds like you have an infectious disease.

6. Preloading

OK, so it started as a computer term and then went on to mean boozing up before a party. We get the reference but we’re still not fans of the term.

7. Bodily fluids

We’re not sure what we’d prefer, but we definitely don’t like this one! Too. Darn. Graphic.

8. Love you to the moon and back

This term is so painfully sugary-sweet that we think we might be sick in our mouths… (Unless you have a three-year-old and you own the book, obviously.)


Which gross terms do you think should never be used?