Been there, done that, got the stretch marks? Then you're sure to recall a few of these...


1. The warm up!

Once you’ve decided to try for a baby, don’t tell anyone. Before you know it even your auntie is round asking if you’ve had any luck yet?

2. Embarrassing!

Which leads nicely on to the next pointer. Once you are pregnant, and start showing, everyone knows you’ve had SEX! Even your parents know now!

3. Baby on board

One of the best things about pregnancy is the Baby on Board badge! It’s the golden ticket to a guaranteed seat on the train. In the beginning you waiting patiently for someone to give up their seat, but the more pregnant you get, the more you march straight on expecting a comfy journey.  Come on up you get! Even the ones who pretend to be asleep!

4. Lycra me up baby!

You’ll get excited to buy massive stretchy leggings. The bigger the better! One’s that come up to your boobs are the best!

5. Munch munch

Every time you scoff something people say eating for two?

6. Whoops!

It’s also impossible to forget anything without people saying baby brain!

7. The competition

Now you’re pregnant you start seeing other pregnant women everywhere. Like when you buy a new Fiesta you suddenly see them everywhere on the road! So you might find yourself checking out the competition. See what they’re wearing and how far gone they are…

8. Weird cravings

Everyone automatically thinks your going to be eating food like gherkins with ice-cream or chomping on ice cubes and lumps of coal. But you might actually just fancy a few sweets!

9. Bump touchers

Get used to people touching your belly. It’s a hand magnet. One of the most unusual things that’s not really mentioned much, is that in the later stages of pregnancy you can actually see a woman’s stomach moving where the baby is kicking and wriggling around in there!

10. That’s it now!

All the women you speak to who have had kids already enjoy telling you – oh it all goes south from now on love!

11. Absolutely not!

You’ll look at other screaming kids throwing wobblers in  the supermarket and swear to yourself – that’s NEVER going to be MY kid … It’s inevitable!

12. All the gear, no idea!

You start off thinking your not going to be one of those people who buys every single thing for the baby. But before you know it you have every gadget, swing chair and latest must-have! And yes may be you DO need one of those changing units with matching mat and nursery curtains…

13. Buggy envy

Buggy buying is extremely competitive… Once you’ve got over the initial shock of the price, it’s inevitable you probably WILL end up going for the luxurious limited edition matt black with matching changing bag, foot muff and parasol.

14. Buggy connoisseur

After the intense research you did into finding your perfect buggy, you end up being a professional buggy spotter! On a casual trip to the shops you can’t help but check out the competition! You’ll know the different brands just by looking at them and even their prices.

15. Appearances

Don’t be too quick to judge other mums you see looking slightly less glamorous than they did before they were pregnant. Believe it or not in the early weeks once your baby is born, even brushing your hair ends up being way down on your list of priorities. You’re lucky if you get time to finish getting dressed in the mornings!

16. Sleep

In the build up to your last few weeks of pregnancy everyone tells you to get all the sleep you can before the babes born. However once your babes here get used to functioning on four hours a night.  So may be in hindsight you should be practicing surviving on zero sleep rather than napping all day long!

17. Best advice for the big day

Everyone’s has their stories and advice for when you go into labour -the pain and indecency of it all! But one of the best bits of advice given (from a guy of course) has to be… enjoy the day! Yeah thanks for that!


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