When you’re watching TV, often the commercials are funnier than the cheesy sitcoms. Here are a selection we’ve particularly enjoyed over the years…


1. Fosters

Starring Crocodile Dundee and all-round Aussie, Paul Hogan, the commercials for the Australian lager had Paul in this out-of-his-comfort zone night at the opera, where, to his horror, he realised the male dancer didn’t appear to be wearing any trousers!

2. Sheba

At first glance you’d be surprised at what this risque commercial was actually advertising. It’s very cheeky and probably shouldn’t be shown before the watershed. But, unbelievably, this is promoting cat food!

3. Flash

With Queen’s Flash song in the background, a poodle sings to camera in a pristine clean house and is enquiring as to where all the mud has gone?! In flashback, we see that the pesky pooch had shook dirty everywhere, but we also get to witness his trusty owner cleaning it all up!

4. Hotels.com

This website use a wonderful character called Captain Obvious to visit lots of different hotels and make hilarious comments. We love all the ads, but this one where he turns down military assistance to help him with his breakfast is definitely our favourite…

5. Everest

In a bid to demonstrate how strong Everest GrabLock technology is, it’s used to hold up a grand piano several feet up in the air. Then, when presenter Craig Doyle says to drop it, he of course means the feather that’s been a mainstay of their ads for years. However, it’s actually the piano that plummets to the ground and smashes to smithereens!

6. Compare the Market

With the hearbreaking All By Myself song playing in the background, Meerkat Aleksandr is alone in his mansion and missing Sergei his servant/best friend as he attempts to play ping pong on his own – not easy! So, worried, we wonder what’s happened to Sergei. But it turns out he’s been at the cinema on a rare day off. When Aleksandr catches up with him, he plays down any suggestion that he missed his buddy. But we know better!

7. Berroca

If you were in any doubt that Berocca is a product designed to increase your energy, then just watching Roccy the Chameleon dancing in this hilarious ad. We think it’s fair to say that it’s the first time we’ve ever seen a lizard throwing shapes. The first time, maybe, but certainly not the last, as we can’t stop watching it!

 8. Tena Lady

This lovely lady has been skiing and wants to tell us all about her panda eyes, and her oops moments – by which she means she suffers from bladder weakness and uses light incontinent pads. In spite of this, the charming lady is extremely upbeat about the fact that she pees herself…

9. Aldi Tea

This ad topped a survey of the UK’s most popular television adverts of 2011. It features a po-faced pensioner talking about her husband’s fondness for a cuppa. She then announces that she doesn’t like tea, she likes gin. And by way of explanation, she pulls a glass of mother’s ruin from behind one of the boxes of tea and proceeds to sip it.

10. Kit-Kat

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. First shown back in 1987 but we’ve never forgotten it. In the ad, a patient photographer has had his camera trained on the panda enclosure for hours, but the elusive bears don’t come out of their den. However, the minute he looks away and takes a break, the pandas appear on rollerskates and put on the most amazing stunt show, only to disappear the minute before he looks back.

11. Specsavers

This company have become well-known for their ingenious advertising, but it wasn’t hard to pick the one we love the most. It’s this one with the elderly sandwich-eating couple who rest on at a seat. Before they know it, their feet are lifted and a bar descends clamping them into the seat. They’re whizzed around, sandwiches flying, until they pick-up G-force. It soon becomes apparent they mistook a rollercoaster cart for a restful bench. The strapline, Should’ve Gone to Specsavers, explains the couples mistake.  And, as they walk off, the man asks,‘ What sort of cheese was that?’

12. Three UK

This stunning ad opens with a wobbly, baby giraffe, which is gradually replaced with the proud and confident feathers of a flamingo. The transformation continues, until it becomes a confident creature that struts, sways and soars across the screen to illustrate the sense of freedom and joy that comes with being able to roam for free, reminding viewers that they can be confident using data, texts and calls without paying a penalty when abroad.

13. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

We have to admit we found this funny and disturbing in equal measure. A young chap has obviously been invited back to a girl’s home, and left sitting alone in the dark while she’s elsewhere. He flicks the light on to find himself surrounded by creepy looking dolls. About to make a swift exit, he spots some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes on the side, and can’t resist stopping. While he’s tucking in, the girl reappears, dressed exactly like one of her terrifying dolls.

14. AA

This delightful ad has a father driving to the airport with his talented toddler singing a full-throttle rendition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. Even when the car breaks down, she doesn’t miss a beat. And the AA mobile mechanic soon gets them ‘rollin’… ‘rollin’… ‘rollin’ on their way to catch their flight.

 What’s your favourite funny ad? Let us know below…