If you are a fan of mint chocolate, then you must check out this list of our all-time favourite mint chocolate foods!


1. Cool Mint Matchmakers

Probably the best mint chocolate flavoured food of all time. Mint Matchmakers have it all, a perfect minty chocolate taste with crunchy bits. It’s almost impossible to resist scoffing a whole packet in one sitting!



2. After Eight mint chocolate thins

No dinner party is complete without these mint chocolate legends!

After eight


3. Mint Viennetta

Mint choc chip ice cream is ALWAYS a winner, but this has to be our favourite by far. The layers of chocolate and mint ice cream are just pure heaven.



4. After Dinner Mint Muller Light

We’ve always loved Muller Light, so when this minty number made its way to the shelves we knew we’d be hooked!

Muller Light


5. Skinny Cow Mint Double Choc Sticks

These low calorie mint chocolate iced dessert sticks are one of the best inventions ever. We still don’t understand how they can be so tasty and only 128 calories. Is it witchcraft?

Skinny cow


6. Thorntons Mint Truffle Chocolate Bar

Where do we start? These scrummy chocolate bars have it all. Minty taste, soft yet crunchy centre and decadent chocolate covering. They are almost impossible to resist!

Thorntons mint


7. Mint M&Ms

Unfortunately these are only available in places that sell North American sweets, but they are well worth hunting for! This mint twist on the standard M&M is pure joy in chocolate form.



8. Belgian Choc Mint Options

These babies are a dieter’s dream! All of the minty bliss with a fraction of the calories. Yay!



9. Baileys with a Hint of Mint Chocolate

This brilliant twist on classic Baileys is a must for any mint chocolate lover.



10. Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Dark Chocolates

This chocolate mint wheel of crunchy delight always makes us think of Christmas.

Elizabeth shaw


11. Mint Aero

This bubbly mint chocolate bar is not only delicious, but so easily available that it’s the best way to get your mint chocolate fix on the go!

Aero Mint


12. Green & Black’s Organic Mint Dark Chocolate

Green & Black’s is one of our favourite chocolates anyway, but this peppermint favoured version is just brilliant.

Green and blacks


13. Nakd Cocoa Mint Bar

Healthy and minty? Where do we sign up?



14. Mcvitie’s Club Mint Chocolate Biscuit

We love this thick milk chocolate biscuit with mint flavoured cream.



15. Teapigs Chocolate & Mint Tea

We rejoiced when we found out that the geniuses at Teapigs created this chocolate mint tea. Teapigs, we salute you!