As a parent, it can be tough answering kids' endless stream of questions – especially those awkward ones they yell out in the supermarket or on the bus! We take a look at some of the best (or worst?) awkward questions kids ask...


1. Mummy, is that man pregnant?

2. Grandad, when are you going to die?

3. Who’s your favourite child?

4. How does Father Christmas deliver presents to kids who don’t have chimneys?

Awkward questions kids ask: Santa stuck in the chimney


5. Why were you and Daddy making funny noises in your bedroom last night?

6. Why did swear words get invented if we’re not allowed to say them?

7. How do babies get in mummies’ tummies?

8. Why were you and Daddy fighting this morning?

9. What are those for? (picking up tampons in the shopping trolley)

10. Why don’t they make vegetables tasty?

Awkward questions kids ask: Boy pulling funny face holding green smoothie


11. What does ‘sexy’ mean?

12. Why are there lots of Father Christmases around when we go shopping?

13. Is that a man or a woman?

14. Mummy, why do you have a furry bottom?

15. Why is the sky blue?

16. Where’s your willy, Mummy?

17. Why do people poo?

18. Why did God let my kitten die?

19. What’s a virgin?


Have your kids asked you any awkward questions in public?