Every time you have a power cut you feel like you are experiencing these things for the first time!


1. You automatically turn the lights on even though you know they’re not working

Seriously, what is that? You seem to forget that you have no power each time you walk into a room!

2. You don’t realise just how much you rely on the light

Getting ready for work in the middle of winter becomes a real challenge. All of your clothes look the same and you curse your lack of organisation!

3. You forget just how many items run on electricity

Seriously, everything!


4. You have no wifi!

You momentarily forget that it doesn’t run on magic!

5. Your everyday routine becomes impossible

You can forget putting makeup on! You’re lucky that you are even wearing clothes!

6. You can’t start you day with your beloved coffee

It’s just another one of those electrical appliances you take completely for granted.

7. You can’t make breakfast

Even if you have gas, cooking in the dark is less than ideal.

8. You have to rely on your phone

Your phone is the ONLY way you can find out what’s going on in the world.


9. You can’t have a shower

Unless you want to brave a stone cold one!

10. You thank god for your phone’s torch function

You suddenly think it’s the best invention ever.

11. You become jealous of other people’s electricity

Look at them enjoying their lights and stuff…

12. You find yourself in COMPLETE darkness

You are no longer surrounded by the little red and blue standby lights that you have become so used to.

13. You worry about the food in your fridge and freezer

How long will they last without power?


13. You thank god that you don’t have a mains powered alarm clock

Does anyone anymore?

14. You curse the fact that you will have to reset all of the clocks

Coffee machine, oven, microwave, where does it end?

15. You have no idea where the candles and torches are

Do you even have any?