You can remember the moment you met them and you just KNEW you were going to be friends. You can’t imagine your life without them, but there are some things you really appreciate them for.


1. When they forgive you for being ludicrously late

They don’t hold your lateness against you, they’re just happy to see you!

2. When they get on with your friends JUST because they are your friends

Even if you are the only thing they have in common.

3. When they tell you if you’re bloke isn’t good enough for you

They are brave enough to tell you the truth, even if you won’t like it

4. When they accept him anyway

They have told you what they think of him, but they ultimately accept him because they know it’s important to you that they get on.

5. When you feel like you can tell them the truth without being judged

You can tell them things you’re ashamed of without feeling like they will hold them against you.


6. When they tell you if that dress you want doesn’t suit you

You sometimes feel like you should take them with you whenever you go shopping!

7. When they say you look amazing when you feel less than perfect

You might feel like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, but they can make you feel instantly better.

8. When you can argue like mad but forget about it all in a heartbeat

You end up forgetting what you were even arguing about!

9. When you know they will ALWAYS have your back

It’s nice to know there will always be someone in your corner.

10. When you can happily sit in silence

It’s not awkward at all. Your comfortable silence speaks volumes about your friendship.

11. Or talk for hours about nothing at all

You sometimes wonder how you still have so much to talk about!

sisters whispering on the meadow and surprised expression in the park


12. When they look after you if you’ve had too much to drink

You know you’ve found a true friend when they are willing to rub your back when you are hunched over the toilet bowl.

13. When they are happy to come out with you and your friends

Even though they know no one but you.

14. When distance makes no difference to the strength of your friendship

They might be over the other side to the world, but your friendship is as strong as ever.