These offenders will be all too familiar!


1. The messy eater

You know the type… eating a kebab and dropping bits of it all over the floor. Eww!

2. The smelly commuter

Those days when you are squashed into someone’s armpit are made even worse when the armpit in question smells like it has never even met deodorant before!

3. The dozing traveller

We’ve all had at least one of those awkward journeys when the person sitting next to you keeps trying to use your shoulder as a pillow!

4. The noise generator

Whether it’s loud music or phone conversations held at top volume, we have all suffered with this kind of commuter.


5. The space invader

Standing in a packed train is always a challenge, but some people make it more difficult that it needs to be by invading your personal space to the point where you’re not sure where they end and you begin!

6. The litter bug

Don’t leave your empty drinks container on the train. Take it with you and put it in the bin, we all have to use this space!

7. The make up class

You can’t stop watching people apply their make up on the tube. It’s like a YouTube masterclass in real life!


8. The fainter

You know the ones. They haven’t had any breakfast and don’t have any water with them in the height of summer, it’s hardly surprising that they feel faint in the boiling hot tube!

9. The backpack wearer

Those people wearing massive backpacks who swing around and knock you over should be shot. Take it off and put it on the floor like a normal person.

10. The daytime drinker

You wonder how they can be that drunk when it’s only just gone 5pm!


11. The ignorer

They try so hard to pretend that they don’t see the old lady or the massively pregnant woman so that they don’t have to give up their seat. Rude.

12. The almost puker

You see all of your fellow commuters staring at the culprit with horror. If you are going to be sick GET OFF THE TRAIN!