Your chances of being struck by lightning are around one in a million. But here we take a look at some of the top places across the country where those odds seem to be higher than average - you might be quite shocked! The stats are based on hospital admissions due to being struck by lightning between 2013 and 2016...


Birmingham and the Black Country

Sedgley struck by lightning


You might want to avoid going out on a stormy night if you’re in Birmingham! There were 13 people admitted to hospital after being struck by lightning, which is considerably higher than anywhere else in the UK. Watch out!

Thames Valley

The Thames Valley area had around half the amount of unfortunate people as Birmingham, with seven in total being hit. Still, with the average chance of a lightning strike being just one in 960,000, the odds in this area are pretty high.

Shropshire and Staffordshire



Shropshire? More like Shockshire! In joint third place on the list, this northern area saw five people being struck by lightning.

Hertfordshire and the South Midlands

Another area where five unlucky souls were admitted to hospital, this region just north of London is one you might want to avoid when the weather gets wintry. Unless you’re feeling lucky!


London struck by lightning


The capital city has many well-publicised dangers, but one hazard you might not have thought of is being struck by lightning! There were five people between 2013 and 2016 who fell victim to lightning strikes here. Although it’s not hard to find somewhere to shelter in the Big Smoke!

Greater Manchester

Back in the north of England, four people saw themselves down in casualty. Wonder if they were in Bolton? (Sorry…). And Greater Manchester was neck and neck with…

Surrey and Sussex



…so there doesn’t seem to be much of a north-south divide! Lightning doesn’t discriminate…


Three people in Wessex fell victim to lightning strikes during the time period. That amounts to around one victim per year, which is still a high rate considering the slim odds.


Essex lightning


You can rest assured the cast of TOWIE are all safe and sound, but three unwitting folk in Essex were struck by lightning and admitted to hospital. We’re definitely not well jel!