Pancake day is upon us! While most of us stick to the classic pancake, sugar and lemon combo, these world record breakers have gone the extra mile...

1. Largest pancake


Largest pancake

The world’s biggest pancake measured a humongous 15.01 metres in diameter, and was 2.5cm deep. It was made by the Co-operative Union Limited in Manchester, although we don’t think they’d have been able to flip it! It happened way back in 1994, so we think it’s about time someone made an attempt to beat the record…

2. Tallest stack of pancakes

Piling up to 101.8cm tall, the highest ever stack was made up of 213 pancakes. The record was broken on 8 February 2016, a few days before pancake day, at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest, by James Haywood and Dave Nicholls.

3. Most people tossing pancakes

Pancake flipping record

Guinness World Records

How good’s your toss on pancake day? In February 2012, 890 people flipped a pancake each at the University of Sheffield, breaking the world record. A total of 930 participants actually showed up, but 40 people were discounted for dropping their pancake. Doh!

4. Highest pancake toss

Highest pancake day toss

Guinness World Records

Those competitive chefs among you will always try to see how high you can toss your crepe on pancake day. Dominic Cuzzacrea holds the world record, after his pancake reached an incredible 9.47m high! Don’t try this at home, kids, unless you want to eat your dinner off the ceiling.

5. Fastest marathon flipping a pancake

Pancake marathon

Guinness World Records

Running a marathon wasn’t tough enough for Mike Cuzzacrea, so he decided to do it while tossing a pancake continuously in a frying pan…as you do! He completed his marathon in an impressive 3hrs 2mins 27secs, on 24 October 1999.

6. Most pancakes made in one hour (individual)

Most pancakes

Guinness World Records

Erica Price beat her father Steve Hamilton’s record for making pancakes. In April last year, with her dad’s blessing, Erica made a whopping 1,127 pancakes in one hour! We know who’ll be hosting the pancake day celebrations this year…