Little Mix got it in the neck for being too sexy when they performed their new single on the results show of the X Factor…but are we right to judge women on what they wear, or how little?


Little Mix performed their brand new single Shout Out to My Ex on the X Factor this Sunday.

Straight away, the band was blasted by some viewers for looking like ‘prostitutes’. They were even criticised by former Spice Girl, Mel C. The singer told journalists from the Sunday People that Little Mix were ‘too provocative’ and ‘too sexy for (her) 7-year-old daughter to watch’.

All four members of Little Mix, who won the X Factor back in 2011, wore leotards and high-heeled boots to perform their new song. And they aren’t the only performers to have pushed boundaries on the family show…

1. Lady Gaga

In 2013, Lady Gaga performed as a nearly-nude goddess inspired by the Boticelli painting The Birth of Venus. She even had the shells.

2. Jessie J

And in 2014, Jessie J gave it her all to perform Bang Bang in a bra and hotpants.

3. Cheryl

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini sang on the show in 2010 in a white dinner jacket. Nothing but a white dinner jacket.

4. Christina Aguliera

And in 2011, Ofcom received 2,868 complaints when Christina Aguilera appeared on the show in a pair of fishnet tights.


What do you think?

Is Mel C right that Little Mix and performers like them are too provocative? Or is it wrong of us to judge others on what they’re wearing – or on how little they’re wearing? Surely, we shouldn’t shame any woman for wearing too little or too much, or for choosing fashion as a way to express herself? And if expressing yourself means wearing a leotard to perform your new song, what does it really matter? Are we too quick to criticize? And isn’t it up to us all to encourage the well-being of everybody equally? Have your say in the comments section below.