Forget Nigella, Jamie and Delia…these Stateside celeb chiefs have got it cookin’!


1. Andrew Zimmern

Famous for his Bizarre Foods series that sees him experimenting with ingredients like armadillo, emu testicles and peanut butter, Andrew also hosts Dining With Death and shows us how to cook with potentially dangerous food stuffs like poisonous bats.

Here’s his recipe for spare ribs with black beans. Suitable for the fainthearted.


2. Bobby Flay

Bobby’s your man for anything with meat. The fact one of his shows is called Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction says it all.

Check out his green chill cheeseburgers…


3. Sunny Anderson

This is the kind of food you can make while chatting in the kitchen with your mates and having a glass of wine. In a word: FUN. Sunny’s cooking is all about creating a happy home.


4. Casey Thompson

Casey’s career started when she got her first job peeling potatoes in a busy restaurant kitchen. She believes in creating restaurant-quality food at home, and she can even suggest the right wine to go with her recipes. So she’s your one-stop for a dinner party with a glam feel.


5. Mario Batali

As well as being a celebrity chef, Mario is an expert on the history of Italian cooking. He’s a well-known figure on the telly, but he also has his own popular youtube channel where he posts video tutorials. If you’ve ever wondered how to form a quenelle, truss a chicken, macerate a berry or even how to pit an olive, Mario’s How To videos are for you.


6. Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang caters every year for the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball. And his Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago, is a favourite of the rich and famous. If it’s dining with class you’re after, look no further than WP.


7. Paula Deen

The high fat, high calorie content of Paula’s recipes has got her in some hot water in the USA. She’s raised Southern-style comfort food to an art form, but probably best not to cook her recipes every day…


8. Emeril Lagasse

Emeril calls his cooking style ‘new New Orleans’. But his cooking blends Louisiana tradition with influences from the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East. His catchphrase is ‘Kick it up a notch!’ so expect spice.