New movie The Legend of Tarzan is out on 1 July and we can't get enough of semi-clad star Alexander Skarsgard. Put it this way, we certainly wouldn't mind a quick swing on his vine… But he's not just a pretty set of pecs - here's everything you need to know about the jungle man...

Actor Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Tarzan in The Legend of Tarzan poses for photos with a python at Wildlife Sydney Zoo in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Skarsgård is in Sydney to promote his film which opens in the country on July 7, 2016.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Promoting the movie (PA Photos)

1. His full name is Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard.

2. He was born in Stokholm, Sweden, on 25 August 1976, making him a sweet innocent Virgo – though nearly naughty forty!

3. He’s tall – 6ft 4 1/2. 

Alexander Skarsgard: Dad Stellan

Dad Stellan in Mamma Mia (Rex Features)

4. His dad is actor Stellan Skarsgard – Bill Anderson from Mamma Mia and the enigmatic Swedish detective River. Alexander’s mum, My Skarsgard, is a doctor, and he’s the oldest of 6 kids, with 2 half-brothers.

5. We’re not alone in our lust – Alexander Skarsgard has been voted Sexiest Man in Sweden 5 times. And the really good news is he’s said he’d pose for a Playgirl centrefold for a chicken burrito and a pint of strawberry ice cream. 
Quick – grab the Ben & Jerry’s!

Alexander Skarsgard: at True Blood premiere

True Blood Season 5 premiere (PA Photos)

6. You probably know him best as vampire Eric Northman in True Blood…or perhaps as Meekus in Zoolander.

7. Look out for his trademark necklace with two anchor charms.

8. He’s a big hockey fan.

9. His favourite food is moose stew!

10. Tatts out for the girls! He has a tattoo of a green bird on his left leg – it was drawn by his 7-year-old brother.

Alexander Skarsgard: receiving an honorary doctorate

Receiving an honorary doctorate at Leeds Metropolitan University (PA Photos)

11. Hello sailor! He served 18 months conscript military service in the Swedish Navy – then left to study English at university in Leeds.

12. A fact not to be sniffed at: he doesn’t smoke, but does like snuff.

13. He’s an outdoorsy boy – in his spare time, he enjoys sailing and fishing.

Alexander Skarsgard: Tarzan poster

14. He went to the South Pole on a 200km charity trek.

15. Look out for him as Lady Gaga’s fella in her Paparazzi vid. Watch it here!

16. To get in Tarzan shape, Alexander Skarsgard spent four months training non-stop in an ‘intense and all-consuming’ workout regime. He was apparently very nervous about whether he’d achieve it.

Alexander Skarsgard: Tarzan poster

Rex Features

17. On his lack of clothing, he’s said,  ‘ I don’t want to disappoint the audience. It was important to me that before he met other people, the character never used to wear clothes. It would look absurd if a man raised by apes would suddenly start blushing and covering up. Tarzan would go naked and so I had to as well. The jungle’s very humid. I’m quite pleased I didn’t have to wear any clothes.’

We are, too.