When they’re not running around on the pitch, hitting balls around a table, bowling a maiden over, or racing around a track in a fast car, this lot decided to belt out tunes, whether we wanted them to or not! Check them out (in date order) to see if you think they should have stuck to their lucrative day jobs!


1. Kevin Keegan – Head Over Hills in Love (1979)

The famous perm-headed footballer pulled on his flares and wider-collared shirt, and belted out this tune, which peaked at No.31 in the UK singles chart and hit No.20 in Austria, and No.10 in Germany, where Kev was based at the time. Groovy!

2. The Matchroom Mob – Snooker Loopy (1986)

This novelty song got to No.6 in the UK charts, and was written and performed by Chas and Dave. Cue-ing up to join in (sorry!) with the singing were snooker stars Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne, Terry Griffiths, and Tony Meo under the joint name of The Matchroom Mob, which was the name of Barry Hearne’s company who employed the snooker professionals at the time.

3. Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle – Diamond Lights (1987)

Despite the Tottenham stars having rhyming surnames, which we think would have made a great name: ‘Hoddle and Waddle’, their single was actually released under their first names Glenn and Chris. It reached No.12 in the UK Singles Chart, and the duo also got to appear on Top of the Pops 2!

4. Liverpool FC – The Anfield Rap (1988)

This single was released by team members before the 1988 FA Cup Final against Wimbledon, and caused a fair bit of controversy at the time. Firstly, many thought it was John Barnes’ idea, when it was actually Craig Johnston’s, who also co-wrote it. Also, although the song ridicules the Liverpool accent, there were actually only two scousers in the first team. Despite this, it reached No.3 in the UK Singles Chart, and gave John Barnes the rapping bug (see next)!

5. World in Motion – New Order (featuring John Barnes) – (1990)

This is the only time New Order reached the sought-after top spot. The song,which reached No.1, was brought out to coincide with the 1990 FIFA World Cup. As we mentioned earlier, John Barnes had already proved himself as a bit of a rapper with Anfield Rap. For this single, however, John both writes and performs his rap. This time, it’s other England team members who add their vocals to the track, as does Keith Allen, who co-wrote the lyrics.

6. Gazza and Lindisfarne – Fog on the Tyne (1990)

Fog on the Tyne was actually a 1971 album by Lindsfarne, but this was a reworked version of a single with vocals by Paul Gascoigne, who jigged around happily to the track in some dodgy-looking tracksuits clearly enjoying himself (nice to see). The song reached an impressive No.2 in the UK Singles Chart.

7. Ian Wright – Do the Right Thing (1993)

What hasn’t Ian Wright done? He’s played for premier teams and his country, been a television presenter, and co-hosted a radio show. So it’s not a total surprise that he took to the airwaves with a tune, too! He wrote the single Do the Right Thing, with the help of Pet Shop Boy’s Chris Lowe, who also produced the song. Despite Ian’s success in other fields, Do the Right Thing reached a disappointing No.43 in the UK Singles Chart.

8. Vinnie Jones – Big, Bad Leroy Brown (2002)

This song has been covered by many a famous artist including Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton, so Vinnie was in good company when he joined them by recording this song for his covers album Respect. Here he is in December 2002 performing it on Top of the Pops 2.

9. Jacques Villeneuve – Accepterais Tu (2006)

Jacques is a world champion Formula One driver. Even if racing cars is a glamorous career most of us can only dream of, that wasn’t enough for the Canadian. He’s also a songwriter. And, in 2006, the French speaker released this song, asking his loved one to marry him. An album, Private Paradise followed, and, although he was quoted as saying: ‘I hope the album makes a great success,’ Sadly, for Jacques, it didn’t…

10. Terry Venables ­– If I Can Dream (2010)

He was nicknamed El Tel after his managerial stint at Barcelona during the 80s. However, it was a different El when he recorded a cover of Elvis Presley’s song If I Can Dream. It featured the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra and fellow footie stars Harry Redknapp and Ian Wright (yeah, him again!), and was filmed at Wembley Stadium. It reached No.23 in the UK Singles Chart.

11. Lewis Hamilton (2015)

Another F1 driver who likes to make music is Lewis Hamilton. Despite dominating the race-track, Lewis has made it clear he’d like a career in music, and has been quoted as saying he loves R’n’B. He’s been hanging out with artists with impressive musical credentials, such as Drake, Pharrell, and Angel, but Lewis is, at the moment anyway, failing to get a single off the ground. But he sung an R’n’B song at club in a packed club in NYC and impressed many with his performance.

Do you know any famous sports stars who’ve turned to singing? Let us know below…