Is Ryan Gosling hotter than Paul Newman, and can Harry Styles really hold a candle to Mick Jagger in his prime? Only YOU can decide, so let the battle of the hunks commence!


1. The blue-eyed blond – Paul Newman vs Ryan Gosling


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Verdict: While sensitive Gosling seems like dream boyfriend material, for raw phwoarr factor a young Newman is pretty hard to beat! And he had his own range of salad dressings too!


2. The Biker – Marlon Brando vs Charlie Hunnam


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Verdict: While both these hotties rev our engines, bad-boy Charlie wins it by a whisker!


3. The Rocker – Mick Jagger vs Harry Styles


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Verdict: There’s only one direction this vote is going in, and we’re sorry Harry it’s not yours! With those gorgeous pouty lips we’re team Jagger all the way!


4. The Footballer – George Best vs Cristiano Ronaldo


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Verdict: Ooh this is a toughie! While Cristiano is definitely the more suavely groomed of the two, the young George had an irresistibly cheeky twinkle in his eye! Would have been a dreamy double date!


5. The TV Detective – Tom Selleck vs Idris Elba


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Verdict: While mums across the nation may have lusted for Tom Selleck as Magnum PI back in the day, we’d much rather have our particulars taken down by deeply gorgeous Luther actor Idris Elba!


6. The Cockney Charmer – Michael Caine vs Jason Statham

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Verdict: His name may be Michael Caine, but it’s Jason’s name we’d rather be calling out in the throes of passion!


7. The Soap Love Rat – Mike Baldwin vs Max Branning


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Verdict: While technically Baldwin is the better looking of the two, Branning’s sexy shaved head, suggestive smirk and cocky bad-boy charm sets our gussets aquiver.


8. The Gorgeous Ginger – Robert Redford vs Damien Lewis


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Verdict: While posh totty Damien is definitely divine, natural redhead Robert Redford isn’t just the most gorgeous ginge of them all, he’s one of the best looking leading men in Hollywood history full stop!


9) The Whopping Willy – Errol Flynn vs Michael Fassbender


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Verdict: Legend has it that actors Errol Flynn and Michael Fassbender have one very large thing in common, and we’re not just talking an impressive acting career! Both these boys are winners in our eyes!