As the world says goodbye to Dead or Alive singer, Pete Burns, we look back at the highlights of his career in music

On Sunday, Pete Burns of Dead or Alive died at the young age of 57. He’d used his career to champion difference and individuality, and he’d used his music to bring fun, colour and drama to the dance-floor and to people’s lives.

As the frontman of pop band Dead or Alive, Pete’s most famous for the 1985 hit, You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). The song was number one in singles charts across Europe, and achieved success when it was rereleased by the band in 2003 and then again in 2006. It’s also been covered by Jesscia Simpson, Thea Gilmore, Indochine…and even hit the number 1 spot in the USA when it was sampled by Flo Rida and Ke$ha on their 2009 song, Right Round.

And although You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) was the band’s biggest-selling record by far, there are many other Dead or Alive numbers worthy of your attention.

‘The trouble is that people are all too ready to jump to conclusions about anybody who they think looks a bit strange,’ Pete Burns once said in an interview.

The time has come to embrace your strange, embrace your difference…and get down to some of the best music by the strangest and most glorious of us all.

1. Brand New Lover

The lead single from the DOA’s third album, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Brand New Lover was more successful in the USA than it was here, reaching number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a break-up song, with the singer leaving his lover for someone who is more exciting. Your sweet nature, darling, was too hard to swallow, Pete sings. I’ve got the solution – I’m leaving tomorrow! Who needs stability when you can have pleasure?

2. Something In My House

Also taken from Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Something in My House describes coming out of a relationship, but feeling haunted by the past. Perhaps this should be a lesson to those seeking an exciting ‘brand new lover’…

3. That’s The Way (I Like It)

This is an unlikely cover of KC and the Sunshine Band’s hugely popular 1975 hit. It was featured on DOA’s debut album Sophisticated Boom Boom in 1984.

4. Lover Come Back To Me

Immediately after the worldwide smash You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) in 1985, DOA released Lover Come Back To Me. The song got to 11 in the UK singles charts…and once you’ve started singing along to its chorus, it’s pretty hard to stop.

5. In Too Deep

In Too Deep the third single from DOA’s best-selling album, Youthquake. It’s the album that features You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). That album was DOA’s first collaboration with Stock Aiken Waterman (who later went on to produce records for Donna Summer, Bananarama, Kylie Minogue, Laura Branigan…). In terms of 80s dance-pop, it doesn’t get much better than this.