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Join Chat Mag Bingo and you’ll have so much fun! Whether you’re already a bingo fan or you’ve never tried it before, we know you’ll love our friendly bingo community.

Here’s our guide to joining in the chat in the Chat Rooms and having a good natter with our friendly community of members playing Bingo.

Our chat rooms can be found in all our bingo rooms. It’s a place where bingo players can chat with other members, and so many of our members love to have a natter whilst playing.

There’s a great feeling of community in our Chat Room with people getting to know one another, talking about anything from family, bingo, TV soaps, wins and much more. Some have become such good friends they meet up.

At the top of the chat box screen, members can view the name of the room that they are playing in and how many players called ‘roomies’ are chatting.  The Chat Host will meet and greet you as you enter the room, and will keep the chat flowing, interesting and fun, will help you with any questions that you may have and randomly entertain with amusing Chat Games.

As well as the host, you will see displayed all the other member screen names and their chat lines and you can add yours in the bottom box which says, ‘Type here…’ .

If you’re the quiet type, and don’t know what to say in the bingo chat rooms, don’t worry. You can always start by using the bingo emojis at the bottom of the chat box.  Or send a simple message that you are waiting on 1tg (1 number to go) for a winning line.  You wish another member luck and slowly join in with them. You might find that you become one of the regular chatters in no time and will be a Bingo Lingo expert.

Chat Mag Bingo Lingo

1TG – One To Go to win the bingo prize

2TG – Two To Go

FH – Full House

NT – Nearly There

WTG – Way To Go

QT – Cutie

YAW – You’re A Winner

BBL8R – Be Back Later

WDW – Well Done Winner

GLA – Good Luck All

*(((Name))) – Hugs

So, don’t be shy, if you are new to online Bingo – why not join in the fun with a bit of bingo banter!

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