Some naughty pets swallow the weirdest things! Bones, socks and kebab sticks were among hundreds of items discovered by vet charity PDSA. Check out the bizarre top 10!


The PDSA has revealed it treated nearly 400 pets for swallowing things they shouldn’t in 2015. It appears that pets in Bradford are the most curious in the country, as the charity’s vets saw a whopping 33 cases in the city alone. Read on for tips on keeping your pet safe below.

But first, here’s the top 10 weirdest items UK pets have swallowed – and had surgically removed by PDSA vets – in 2015…

1. Bones

Give a dog a… no, wait, don’t! A gnaw-dropping 59 cases of bones were swallowed by critters in 2015.

Photo by Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock

2. Stones

Well, stone us! A solid 29 cases of stones were removed from poorly tummies! Maybe the pets were just into a bit of rock ‘n’ roll…

3. Corn on the cob

28 corn on the cobs were scoffed! So, beware of bin sniffers feeling husky during barbecue season…

Photo by Food and Drink/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by Food and Drink/REX/Shutterstock

4. Plastic

There were 25 incidents of plastic, including kids’ toys and food packaging. Playful, hungry…foolish!

5. Rubber balls

There were 19 cases where pets found their digestive systems went on the bounce…

6. Rubber pieces

A further 19 incidents of half-chewed dog toys were recovered from poorly pooches. Not so playful now!

7. Socks

11 pets discovered that swallowing a sock doesn’t leave you feline fine… Darn it!



8. Cotton thread

Yes, there were 9 cases where pets were needle-lessly stringing their owners along!

9. Babies’ dummy teats

In another nine cases, parents were left dealing with babies who had spat their dummy out… and wondering where they’d disappeared!

Photo by Mint Images/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by Mint Images/REX/Shutterstock

10. Kebab sticks/Peach stones

Finally, there were a joint 7 cases where pets discovered kebab sticks and peach stones didn’t break their bones … it was the swallowing that hurt them!

PDSA vet Rebecca Ashman said staff have also removed more bizarre objects in the past, including tent pegs, knives and even radio aerials.

Rebecca said: ‘You’d be amazed at some of the crazy things pets eat. Especially puppies and younger dogs, who like to use their mouth to investigate objects as well as to eat. Sometimes they will swallow an item by mistake, even though they had only meant to investigate it.’

Warning of the dangers, Rebecca added: ‘We might think it’s comical but in some cases it is incredibly dangerous and can even prove fatal. If an object moves along the digestive system, it can cause a tear or life-threatening blockage.

‘If you have pets at home, try to keep anything dangerous or easy to swallow out of paws’ reach. Only let them play with suitable toys and try to supervise them to avoid any accidents. If you do suspect your pet has swallowed something, you should contact your vet for advice immediately.’

PDSA vets say training animals from a young age can help to curb their temptation to chew objects, and they can learn basic commands like ‘drop’ and ‘leave’.

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