If you're planning on going trick-or-treating this Halloween, why not take your pet along, too? Here are some great costume ideas for your furry friend...


1. A pirate

Dog dressed as pirate

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“Shiver me timbers, it’s Halloween ahoy…but why is the rum gone?!”


2. A witch

Cat dressed as witch

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“I look ridiculous. Where’s my kitty cauldron?”


3. A spider

Dog dressed as spider

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“GET IT OFF ME!! GET IT OFF ME!! Oh, wait, I get it now…”


4. A jester

Rabbit halloween

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“Hoppy Halloween! Have a ‘hare’-raising night!”


5. A frog

Cat dressed as frog


“What a ribbeting costume. Did I scare you?”


6. A hotdog

Dog dressed as hotdog for halloween

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“I know I look good…please don’t eat me!”


7. A crab

Cat dressed as crab Halloween

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“Guys, I’m feeling a little crabby right now…”


8. A unicorn

Horse dressed as unicorn

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“And you thought we didn’t exist! Only on Fright Night…”


9. World dominator

Guinea pig taking over world

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“I may look cute, but I’m going to take over the world! Bwa ha ha.”


10. Just fabulous

Dog in drag

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“I know I’m meant to look ‘scary’, but hey, isn’t Halloween just an excuse for dressing up?! Fabulous, darling.”