We all love seeing our furry, four-legged friends wowing the audience on Britain's Got Talent. While some gallop through the audition to impress the judges, others don't quite live up to pet-spectations...

1. Ashleigh and Pudsey

The first dog act to win Britain’s Got Talent back in 2012, young Ashleigh and her pooch Pudsey wowed the judges and the audience with their dancing antics! The duo went on to have major success elsewhere in show-business, even starring in their own film, Pudsey: The Movie.

2. Mitch and Cally

In 2015, we met record-breakers Mitch and Cally the Wonderdog. The Jack Russell made the record books by popping the most balloons by a dog – 100 balloons in 42 seconds! He didn’t win the talent show, but it was still a yappy ending…

3. Rocky

Poor Rocky the eagle owl got stage fright when he got up in front of the audience for his audition, and refused to perform, much to the amusement of the audience. He may not be very talon-ted, but it’s the taking part that counts…

4. Wendy

Although they didn’t win the show, ventriloquist Marc Metral and his talking dog Wendy were hilarious. The pair reached the 2015 semi-finals with their act, with ‘Wendy’ making some brilliant jibes at the Britain’s Got Talent judges’ expense. Woofly!


5. Kate and Gin

Ashleigh and Pudsey weren’t the only dancing doggy double-act to appear on Britain’s Got Talent – back in 2008, Kate and her collie Gin reached the finals with their paw-esome routine. We’re not sure which of them was having more fun!

6. Olivia and Lucy

Sweet 7-year-old Olivia walked out to perform a poem for her audition…before, bizarrely, going off to fetch her pet snake to accompany her. The message in the poem, about saving endangered animals, won the hearts of the judges, and she made it into the semi-finals.

7. Harry the parrot

In 2009, we saw another bird who wasn’t having any of it when he got on stage. Harry was meant to sing along with his owner Louise as she chirped ‘Take On Me’, but something had ruffled his feathers. Sadly, the pair didn’t get through to the next round…