When you’re trying to grab a taxi, or catch someone’s attention, only a big fat juicy wolf whistle will do! Here’s how it's done...


– Have a towel close by to wipe your hands and your mouth  – there’s going to be a lot of spitting while you’re learning.

– Position your fingers into ‘guns’, then bring your middle fingers together, keeping your ring and little fingers tucked under your thumbs.

– Now fold the tip of your tongue back onto your tongue.

– Lick your lips and draw your lips back over your teeth – like you’re an old lady without her dentures!

– Position your fingers to a point and push them into your mouth roughly halfway between the corners and centre of lips, inserted to the first knuckle onto the underside of your tongue – but not past the tip of the tongue.

– The sound is produced by the upper teeth and tongue directing air onto the lower lip and teeth. So make sure your lips are sealed around the outside of your fingers and blow hard through the hole between your index fingers.

– No sound? Take long slow breathes, experiment with the position of your fingers, and tongue, and the strength of your ‘blow’.

When it begins to sound like you’re blowing across the top of a bottle, you’re nearly there.

Keep practicing every day for 5 mins until you’ve cracked it!



Can you wolf whistle, or whistle at all? Let us know in the comments box below…