Are you a furry pompom princess - or fancy a bit of ooh la la with a French beret? You can't beat a winter titfer to complete your outfit and keep cosy when it's chilly. But did you know your hat is speaking volumes about your personality..? (And yes, that includes you boys, too…)

The girls…

Beanie with a faux-fur pompom

Hat: Trendy beanie with pompom


You can’t walk more than 10 feet down the road without seeing one of these at the moment. You’re bang on trend! You’re probably also under 40, have a fab job and a great social life. But maybe, like your wooly hat, you’re just a little bit of a sheep at times… You don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much, do you..? Baa-aaaa.


‘Old-skool’ wooly hat

Hat: Ol-fashioned winter wooly hat


You know what you like and you like your bobble hat. After all, your Auntie Sue knitted it for you in 1978 and it’s never let you down yet. Mrs Dependable, that’s you. Always cheery and practical; bet you’ve got some plasters, a packet of tissues and a slab of Kendal mint cake in your handbag, too.



Hat: woman in beret


You’ve always thought of yourself as a classy lady – more vamp than tramp – and your heroine is Michelle of the Resistance in Allo Allo. You like the finer things in life, and understated style. Oui oui, monsieur, you’ve always felt tres sexy in your beret, especially when you wear it at a jaunty angle. That is until that bloke down the pub said you looked more like Victoria Wood…


Furry Russian hat

Hat: redhead in Russian hat


Get you, Mrs Molotov! You’ve got all caught up in War & Peace on a Sunday night, haven’t you?! But underneath that ice-cold exterior burns a flaming heart – and you’re the first to throw your vodka glass in the fire on a Saturday night (and also throw a right old strop when you don’t get your own way…)


Alpine style with tassels

Girl in indie tassel hat


Own up, you went to a lot of festivals last summer didn’t you? And skiing holidays, too. No? Bet you want to! You’re a bit of an alternative bunny. You’re really nice, though – always kind to animals and old ladies, do all your recycling and have just booked a holiday in a yurt.


Teddy-bear knit

Girl in 'Teddy bear' hat


Awww, cute! If you’re not actually 6 years old, you wish you still were. You’re dead sweet and always see the fun side of life. If you’re forced to be sensible and wear a hat, at least make it a fun one. Why does everyone have to be so SERIOUS?! You’d rather be eating jelly and skipping. But, just a thought – ask yourself exactly why you’re trying to hide from all those grown-up responsibilities…


Wide-brimmed felt number

Girl in huge-brimmed hat


Drama queen alert! You’re a sophisticated lady and you want the world to notice you! You go, girl – everyone loves a bit of self-confidence. But one word of warning – just make sure your big brim isn’t obscuring someone else’s view and spoiling their fun… Sophisticated, good. Egotistical, bad.


The boys…

No-nonsense black beanie

Hat: man in black beanie


‘Listen, it’s chilly so I need to wear a hat, alright? That’s all it is, a hat. Black, basic, functional, keeps out the cold and washable at 40 degrees. Now don’t look at me. Stop making a fuss and let me melt into the background…’


Tweed flat cap

Man in tweed flat cap


Hmm – pretty cute but swings both ways this one. He could be cheeky chappy, ‘ows ya father, laugh-a-minute joker on the market stall. In which case, he has a heart of gold, but watch out for his dodgy deals… Or he could secretly wish he was Lord of the Manor. Check if he’s got a double-barrelled surname; if so, he could be the latter. Likes to be master of all he surveys, totally in control.



Man in balaclava


You’re a schoolboy circa 1952. Or a bit kinky. Or a bank robber. Now take it off, it’s never THAT cold.