Ever wondered what your cuppa says about your personality? This handy guide will decipher what your tea is letting on about who you really are...


Black tea

You don’t like to mess around. You like your tea to be strong, pure and straight to the point…just like you!

Green tea

You want to be ahead of the game, so you followed the trendsetters to green tea. You’re influenced but other people, not led by them.

White tea

You’re a natural born leader with big ideas. You drank green tea way before if was a ‘thing’ and you’ve moved onto white tea because, you know, you like to be different.

Tea with milk, no sugar

Well, what can we say. You’re a regular tea drinker. It’s great how it is, so why mess around with it? You’re a traditionalist at heart and you know what you want out of life.

woman making tea


Tea with a little milk and a little sugar

You have a traditional outlook on life but you also live for the creature comforts. Why do you sweeten your tea with sugar? Because you like it and you don’t see why you should deny yourself something you enjoy.

Tea with milk and 2 sugars

You like to indulge – and why not?! You’re worth it! This tendency leads to you to treat yourself in other ways, too… You’re not a shopaholic but you definitely like a little retail therapy!

Milky tea

All that milk isn’t really for you, it’s for your inner child. You’re young at heart and your tea confirms it!

Half-and-half tea

You just can’t make up your mind! You want to be healthy and follow all of those cool people who’ve moved on to green tea, but you love your traditional cuppa too much to leave it behind. You seek out the latest trends but you want to hang into a bit of the past, too…



Herbal and fruit tea

You’re health conscious and you have a balanced outlook on life. The huge choice of different flavours appeals to your love of variety.  But you don’t follow the fads – just stick to the herbal teas you’ve been drinking forever.

Earl grey or Darjeeling

You have refined tastes and you like to do things properly. Tea isn’t just a drink for you, it’s an event.


You’re probably a daytime coffee drinker who drinks decaf tea in the evenings so that you can still get to sleep. Tea is your way of relaxing and de-stressing after a hard day. Zzz-zzz!


Are we right about what your tea says about you? Let us know in the comment box, below…