Do you struggle to keep things tidy? Maybe cleaning isn’t one of your strong points. Well, according to analysts, your mess can actually reveal a lot about you. So, let’s see what’s lurking in your messy closet and find out what it says about you!


1.Do you have a messy bed?

This could indicate that you’re having a tough time with love. Having an unmade bed, full of crumbs and crumpled bed clothes, sends a message that you don’t think your bed is a place for romance. It could also suggest troubles in an existing relationship or that you’re going through a sex dry spell.


2. Do you have a messy desk?

Having a messy desk doesn’t suggest a stressed work-life, as you might think. It actually implies that you’re creative. It’s an organised mess and you know where things are to get the job done. Using a note pad as a coaster and an unwashed mug as a pen pot could actually be a sign of your artistic flare and your ability to be versatile.




3. Do you keep your mess a secret?

Your house or bedroom appears perfect. Everything is in its place and where it should be. But your mess actually lurks in drawers, cupboards and anywhere else you can stuff your junk. A secret mess maker appears perfect and poised, but it’s a front you often put on. Keeping up the pretence of being perfect can be overwhelming. It can also indicate a wild side to your personality – one that can burst out at any moment.


4. Do you have a messy wardrobe?

Chances are you’re a very nostalgic person and cling to the past. You’re likely to hold onto clothes because they remind you of a person or event. You struggle to let go of the past and move on. Having a clear-out will help you move on and make way for a brighter future. Get de-cluttering that closet!




5. Is your appearance messy?

Having a scruffy appearance implies that you don’t care what people think. It also indicates a fiery personality. To others you may appear unprofessional, lazy and a complete mess. But actually, you have your life in order. You just have no interest in what people think about you. Messy hair? Don’t care!