When it comes to curb appeal it's all about the first impression, with the colour of your front door the most telling of all.


The future is orange

People who paint their front door orange are often social butterflies.  They’re happy and confident, love to entertain and like the challenge of playing host.

They call me mellow yellow

Yellow inspires feelings of cheerfulness, so the person living behind a yellow front door is going to have a ‘get up and go’ attitude.

In the red

image of red paint sloshing out of paint tin


If you’ve painted your front door red, you’re likely to be vibrant and exciting. Welcoming and hospitable, you love entertaining – so the party’s at yours, then?

True blue

Calming, relaxing and honest, someone living behind a blue front door will value their peace and tranquility. Their home is a refuge from the pressures of the outside world.

The colour purple

Purple means extravagance, wealth and fantasy, so it’s no surprise the person who picks purple is more than comfortable taking a risk, or two. 

Free-spirited and a dreamer, they enjoy the finer things in life, indulging in treats and pleasures wherever they can!

Behind the green door

image of tin of green paint and a brush


With green being the colour of health and wealth, anyone living behind this front door is proud of their success, is a hard-worker and ambitious.

Pretty in pink

If your front door is pink, chances are you’re a hopeless romantic! Caring and thoughtful, you make a good partner and a great friend.

Browned off

If your front door is painted brown, or is natural wood, you’re grounded, down to earth, warm and friendly. 

And if it’s dark brown, you’re a private soul and would rather keep yourself to yourself, thank you very much!

Black beauty

A black front door tells the world your home is a place of order and control. You like a
 place for everything and everything in its place. You’re also strong, sophisticated, and a person of substance and style. 
But you knew that, didn’t you?

Shades of grey

Oh please, you’ll do anything for a quiet life! 

You don’t like to stand out too much and are happy to go with the flow.

All-white then

image of a dog sitting on a welcome mat


You’re the sort who can see both sides of any argument, carefully balancing each side to arrive at a fair resolution. You’re likely to be highly imaginative, and more than able to fill the blankness of white with ideas and creativity.

Glass act

Like the material itself, the person behind the glass door has nothing to hide. You’re friendly, outgoing and open.


So, does your front door suit you or will you be making a change? 


Compiled by New Home Finder.