Keeping exotic pets is becoming more and more popular in the UK. With this trend comes the inevitability that, from time to time, some of these reptilian rascals make a bid for freedom.

Asp yourself how scared you'd be if a Viper unexpectedly slithered your way... Then, Adder look at these scaly escapees!

The Boas in blue

WARNING: One nervous onlooker mutters an expletive in the clip!

Our fine civil serpents, the police, aren’t rattled by these cockney Boas, found in a park in East Ham.


Barging out from Regents canal

A story blew up in May 2014 about an invasion of 6ft Aesculapian snakes into Regents Canal. Fear not though, these little tiddler’s are non-venomous constrictors, who most probably escaped years ago, and have now set up home in the canal.


A car with a hiss-story!

This corn snake had escaped from a neighbour’s house in the Wirral and had been missing for several months! He said ‘fangs a lot’ when he found a nice warm engine to curl up into. Maybe it was looking for a windscreen Viper to tuck into?