With National Doughnut Week in the offing, I decided to see if I could pull a jammy one and beat the Guinness World Record for eating a single jam doughnut in under 9.86 seconds – no hands, no lip-licking - how hard could it be? Watch the video to find out...


Challenge accepted…

With National Doughnut Week (9-16 May) raising more than just flour for The Children’s Trust, I decided to show my support and highlight the worthy cause by beating a Guinness World Record.

All I had to do was eat one jam-filled doughnut in under 9.86 seconds, without using my hands or licking my sugar-coated lips.

No pressure…

So, I studied the current champion’s video, lined up my doughnuts and got the stopwatch ready.

Easy, right?


Let’s just say, they’re not called doughnuts for nothing!

During my first attempt I instinctively licked my lips at a rather rubbish 10.75 seconds.

Not one to give up without a, er, bite, I gave the record a second shot.

Two mouthfuls, and a lot more than 9.86 seconds later, I thought I was at least going to finish my sweet treat. Again though, my tongue took on a life of it’s own and, before I could stop it, I’d licked my top lip clean of sugar.

To be fair, it had taken me 35.06 seconds to chomp through a mere two-thirds and, lip-licking aside, the doughnut had turned to a gloopy, sticky lump I could barely swallow.

Epic fail! But a hell of a lot of fun.

Hats off to the current champion, he holds the record for a reason.

If you want to see how it’s NOT done, here’s my second failed attempt…


Think you can do better? Just click here for the challenge rules, and let us know how you get on…