Open the door to wisdom and find answers to your questions with the psychic power of keys.


Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, keys have had spiritual significance.

Top psychic Tamara Trusseau knows a thing or two about the psychic power of keys. Learn from her and unlock your amazing potential!

‘We keep our keys close to us all the time. We carry them around with us in our pockets or our bags. Because of that, they are always in our auras, so they are very energized.

They are much more likely to yield psychic information than other objects that we don’t keep so close at hand.’


Which key?

Use the key that’s relevant to the question that you want to ask.

Car keys: work or travel

House keys: love and relationships

Small keys (lockers or chests): secrets or things that are hidden away.

Suitcase keys: temporary questions, for example: ‘What should I do this weekend?’


Try this

Time to think positive


Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and relax. Gently hold the keys in your hand, focusing on your question.

Visualise yourself in the place your question relates to. For example, picture yourself in your office if you need answers to a question about work.

Let an image form in your mind.  Don’t try to force it – ­just let one come into your head. The picture that appears is giving you the answer you are looking for.

So if you see yourself in your office but your horrible boss isn’t there, chances are your boss will be leaving!


A question of colour

Gold keys mean emotional wellbeing and warmth.



Silver keys symbolize spiritual enlightenment or purity.

For enlightenment



In the swing

Swing free!


You can use a key as a pendulum. Attach your key to a piece of string, cord, or a light chain about 15 centimetres long.

Sit down, get comfortable and relax. Hold your arm out horizontally or rest your elbow on a table. Allow your key pendulum to swing freely.

To find out how the pendulum will move, watch the key and say, ‘Show me yes’. The pendulum will swing in a certain direction. Then say, ‘Show me no’. The pendulum will move in a different way.

Once you know how your key pendulum will move, you can start to ask it questions requiring a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.


Lucky for some

For centuries, keys have been seen as good luck charms. Three keys worn together are said to unlock to doors to wealth, health and love.

Keys are also associated with unlocking the door of the heart. If you give someone else the gift of a key, you’ll be lucky in love.

Wearing a key in bed is said to ward off nightmares and means you’ll get a good night’s sleep.


Did you know?

Unlock Ancient history!


– Locks and keys were first used by the Ancient Egyptians. But as they were made of wood, they were easy to break! The Romans started making them from iron and bronze, making them much stronger.

– The ankh, an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph representing eternal life, is also known as the key of life. The Ancient Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs are often portrayed holding the ankh.

– Keys are also an important symbol in Christianity. Many medieval artists depicted Saint Peter holding the keys to Heaven.


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