It's been called the most common phobia you've never heard of... but do you have it? Only one way to find out!


Welcome to the world of trypophobia – the fear of clustered holes, or things that resemble them. Increasingly, people are reporting that even images of items that have this creepy pattern are giving them the serious heebie jeebies. Scientists don’t know what causes trypophobia, but it’s been suggested it could be an evoluntionary response left over from our caveman days.

Scroll down past these known trypophobia triggers to see if they freak you out. There’s a treat at the bottom… If you can make it that far!

Tryp-barnacleTryp-strawb LSP154iStockphotofern leaf Crumpet Tryp-corn Tryp-garlic Honeybees on a comb Tryp-lotusTryp-straw Tryp-cond


Phew! You made it! This special kitty wants to give you a high five for being so brave!


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