Looking for a spicy, intimate and naughty alternative to the cinema for your next date night? Then you could be ready to take the Undressed Challenge!


Undressed is TLC‘s dating show which sees two complete strangers climb into bed, undress each other and spend 30 minutes trying to discover if it’s possible to fall in love with someone they’ve only just met.

Well, the good news is you can now play along at home and you don’t have to be strangers. All you need is some underwear, a bed, a timer, two bedside lights and your significant other.

Undressed, the TV show, lasts 30 minutes. How long Undressed, the challenge, lasts is totally up to you. Tempted? Well, here are the ‘rules’…

Get undressed

The challenge begins with you undressing each other. Just to your undies, mind you! The idea is to strip away the layers so you can spend quality time simply concentrating on each other. Once undressed, take a seat on the bed.

Get chatting

For the next five minutes ask each other probing and funny icebreaker questions on topics such as first girl/boyfriends and embarrassing moments. To make things more spontaneous, maybe jot a few down beforehand to pick at random.

Get intimate

Calm down, we’re still just talking about talking! The next stage of the challenge is to probe deeper with more intimate questions about your other half. Questions like: ‘What is the greatest achievement in your life?’ and ‘When did you last cry in front of another person?’

Get kissing

In the show, after 20 minutes the complete strangers must decide whether or not to share their first kiss. Assuming you’re playing with your significant other, the kiss should be a foregone conclusion and a tasty reward after all that chatting, so enjoy!

Get switching

Once half an hour’s up, the participants on the show use their bedside lights to indicate whether or not they want the date to continue. If they both turn on their lights the date is over, if they both leave their lights off the date continues, and if just one of them turns on their light the other must suffer the ignominy of watching the other get dressed and leave. Ouch, baby. Playing along at home, will you be saying ‘I likey, no lighty!’ to your other half? We hope so.

So add a little TLC into your next date night and have some frisky fun with the Undressed Challenge!

This list was originally published on TLC.