Imagine this: you come home one day and find that your man has turned the entire downstairs of your house into a huge ballpit! Luckily, the woman this happened to was amused. But we’re not sure how she would’ve felt about THESE viral pranks…


Slobbery spider

Dog dressed up as a spider
Sometimes, you think your eyes are deceiving you. What else could explain a huge, furry eight-legged freak running towards you?

Oh, Chica the dog playing dress-up!

Last year, Polish prankster Sylweser Wardega dressed his sister’s mixed-breed dog in a spider outfit and let her loose on the streets of Warsaw.


Undercover rapper

Woman in car rapping to a song
While most of us like a sing-song in the car, it’s safe to say we’d rather not showcase our vocal abilities on the internet. But one poor woman didn’t have a choice…

Last year, a man secretly filmed his wife rapping to Salt-N-Pepa’s None of Your Business as they drove along, then uploaded it to YouTube.

Thankfully, she saw the funny side and, as lyrics go, our car rapper was just fine – check it out

Casual clown

Man dressed as scary clown waving
If you’re scared of clowns, the Northampton man who appeared in the local area dressed as a sinister jokster wouldn’t have amused you.

The grinning buffoon lurked around town at night, waving at people and posing. Eerily, the sightings began on Friday 13th September.

On his Facebook page afterwards, the red-nosed prankster, aka filmmaker Alex Powell, said he didn’t mean any harm with this viral prank.

Either way, we bet the people of Northampton are relieved he’s stopped clowning around…

A pizza the prank action

teenage boy on the phone

We’d never upset our favourite pizza takeaway, but a man from Brisbane wasn’t so sensible.

Dialling his local Domino’s Pizza, the prank caller put them on hold and rang another Domino’s nearby.

When the first branch is about to repeat the order, the joker presses a ‘merge’ button on his phone. Cue both branches talking to one another, believing each other is trying to place an order!

When they finally cottoned on, they saw the funny side…
‘Sounds like someone is stuffing us around,’ one of the Domino’s call handlers quipped. If it were us, we’d be pretty cheesed off!


 Would you prank a partner or pal?