After seven failed attempts, I finally bagged TWO Guinness World Records... WINNER!

I’m a DOUBLE Guinness World Record holder!

Remember Roy Castle belting out, If you wanna be the best, and you wanna beat the rest. Oo-ooh! Dedication’s what you need.

A child of the 80s, I do…

And it’s been my mission ever since to get my mitts on one of those records – any of those records!

Hence, as you have no doubt noticed from my posts, I’ve so far tried and spectacularly failed to achieve any of the seven I’ve attempted. You can check out my big misses here

Finally, accepting eating challenges were not going to get me a prized, framed certificate, it was time to rethink my choices.

So, naturally, I plumped for attempting Most Jelly Moved With A Teaspoon In 30 Seconds and – a spelling swot at school – Most Five-letter Words Spelt Correctly In One Minute.
Then, I cancelled all plans and spent every night for a week practising my jelly-shifting skills.

Well, almost…

Not known for my cooking skills, I failed at the first hurdle making all four 195g packets of Hartley’s jelly.

Well, with 316g the record to beat, I reasoned making 780g would see me safely through a few attempts.

But I didn’t factor in the four litres of water needed to make the jelly, and wasted a night waiting for it to set.

Undeterred, with Roy humming away in my head, I persevered.

Sharing my antics with friends and family, the first question people asked was, ‘How much jelly do you have to eat?’

When I explained the challenge involved moving it from one bowl to another with a teaspoon, their next question was, ‘Why?’

The fools!

Before I knew it, the day arrived, and it’s safe to say I had the wobbles!

Even the fabulous Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford noted I was literally shaking like a jelly with nerves.

But my practice paid off.

Though you get three attempts, I nailed it first go, sloshing 471g of raspberry-flavoured jelly into the bowl.

To say I was happy is an understatement!

Getting the wobbles

Getting the wobbles

Better still, on my third go, my steady hand meant I shifted even more – a whopping 476g.

A rock-solid Guinness World Record in the bag at last!

Next up, spelling…

I was so nervous, I actually counted the digits on my hand to check none had fallen off in the bowl of jelly!

Your time starts now...

Your time starts now…

But, after mishearing a word in round one and only saying the ‘a’ in ‘began’ in my head during my second attempt, I wasn’t expecting to get another record.

Still, I took a deep breath, focused and…smashed it!

The previous record holder spelt 29 five-letter words correctly in a minute.

I managed 36!

I was feeling Super. Great. Brill.

Mission accomplished – twice!

Sure, the rules are strict, the time short and the pressure HUGE, but I’d attempt another Guinness World Record in a heartbeat.

And for my next stunt… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Wanna be a record breaker?

Did you know Justin Bieber is the Youngest Artist To Achieve Five No-1 Albums, or that Marvel’s The Avengers is the Most-viewed Official Movie Trailer? Though you might not be able to top them, how about attempting to beat Fastest Text Message Sent Using Swype Technology, or Longest Selfie Chain? Remember, dedication’s what you need!
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