Black eyes, creepy requests and maybe even supernatural powers… Just who, or what, are black-eyed kids?


With coal-black eyes and unnerving mannerisms, black-eyed kids (BEKs) are believed to be some of the most dangerous spirits in existence by those who’ve encountered them.

Sightings often occur in deserted areas – abandoned parking lots, quiet woodland… but some have answered a knock on their door only to find one of these creepy youngsters stood on the threshold of their property.

In most cases, the adult can’t quite put their finger on what’s unsettling them about the child – until they notice the kid’s pure-black eyes.

The youngster will often speak with unusual eloquence and confidence for their age. They may insist on being ‘let in’ to cars or homes, ask for a ride home or for help making a phone call.

There are no reports of what happens if the adult agrees…

Sightings have been reported all over the world over several years.

Are you OK..?

Imagine being on a woodland walk and seeing a young child all alone. Your first instinct would be to try to help them. But, what if this Good Samaritan act led you toward unimaginable darkness?

That’s exactly what could have happened to walkers in Cannock Chase Forest, Staffordshire – an area notorious for its ghosts.

In autumn last year, a man was walking his dog at night when he heard something rustling in the bushes. He carried on walking, but the noise seemed to follow him.

Eventually, he saw the source of the noise – a small child, no older than 10, with her hands raised over her eyes.

The man asked if the girl was OK. Meanwhile, his usually placid dog was barking madly.

photo of one of the black-eyed kids


The child didn’t respond, so the man carried on walking. Suddenly, the girl reappeared in front of him. This time her hands were down at her sides.

‘I almost fell over when I noticed that her eyes were jet black,’ the man was reported as saying.

Perhaps he would have convinced himself that it was just the workings of his imagination – if it wasn’t for the many other sightings of this mysterious child in the area.

Some residents have been so spooked that they’ve even considered moving elsewhere.

One woman was walking through the forest with her daughter when they heard the desperate screams of a young child. The pair instantly started running towards the noise, eventually looking behind them to see a little girl standing there with her hands over her eyes. Again, when the child put her arms down, the mother and daughter saw that they were completely black.

These eyewitness accounts were collated by ghost expert Lee Brickley, who runs the blog Paranormal Cannock. His own aunt saw the black-eyed girl in the forest back in 1982. She reported what she’d seen to the police and they conducted a search of the area, to no avail.

Sightings of the little girl have been linked to the murder of thee young children, and a brutal attack on a fourth, in the 1960s. Car mechanic Raymond Leslie Morris, who died in prison, was convicted of one of the murders and suspected of carrying out the other attacks.

Let us in

Sightings of black-eyed kids aren’t confined to Cannock Chase.

Other reports from around the world state kids with unusual peepers have banged on people’s front doors, asking to come inside.

One of the most famous accounts dates back to the 1990s in Abilene, Texas, when a man named Brian Bethel posted his account of an unsettling encounter with two boys on an online forum.

Black-eyed kids: child sitting in tube


Driving into town at about 9.30pm, Bethel decided to pull in to an empty parking lot near his local cinema to write a cheque.

Using the glow of the theatre’s lights to see what he was doing, Bethel was startled by a knock on the car window. Looking up, he saw two boys staring at him.

Bethel was confused because he found the presence of the two kids unsettling – but he wasn’t sure why.

The first kid did the talking.

‘Hey, Mister, what’s up? We have a problem.

‘You see, my friend and I want to see the film, but we forgot our money. We need to go to our house to get it. Want to help us out?

‘We’re just two little boys.’

After asking what movie the kids wanted to see, he noticed it had been playing at the cinema for an hour already.

It was then that he clocked their eyes, at which point the boy became angry.

‘You have to let us in. We don’t have a gun…’

Panicking, Bethel put the car in reverse and shot off. Glancing in his rear-view mirror, he saw the pavement was deserted.

What had he seen? A couple of strange kids asking for a favour, or something much more sinister?

So, if you hear or see a child alone or in distress, don’t hesitate to help… but if you find a pair of black eyes staring back at you, run!


Have you ever seen one of the black-eyed kids?