Every sign of the Zodiac has a secret for holding back the years. Your star sign's secret for eternal youth is revealed here... 



2010 aries 680px high

Old age? You never think about it until one morning you catch sight of a wrinkled face in the mirror and realise it’s yours!

Have the patience to develop a snappy cleanse-and-moisturise routine and choose a quickie concealer for red lines and shadows.

Turn the clock back…by using disciplines that teach smooth body movements such as T’ai Chi.

You’re as old as you move and martial arts bring control and balance.



2010 Taurus 680px high

You’re great at accepting facts, but is your realism an excuse for – well – laziness? Not all ageing is inevitable, so skip that cream cake and go for a brisk walk. Choose cosmetics with lovely scents to encourage you to use them.

Turn the clock back…by enjoying regular massage. This appeals to your sensuous nature and will enable you to unwind totally, aiding cell-renewal.



2010 Gemini 680px high

How do you do it? You’re envied for your eternal youth, but your secret is your enquiring mind – there’s always some new fix, and you find it.

Check out ads for trending treatments and be first with the miracle cure!

Turn the clock back…by keeping your mind active and staying connected. Research shows that being part of a community lengthens life, so you should make it to the Queen’s telegram!



2010 cancer 680px high

Your feelings are reflected on your face, so loving and being loved keeps you beautiful. Being cared for is your priority.

Banish bad moods so your face stays smooth, and enjoy luxury cleanser that appeals to your squeaky-clean instincts.

Turn the clock back…by arranging spa days with friends. The relaxing treatments and – a nice glass of bubbly – are a tonic.

Sharing the experience, with all its giggles, will warm your heart.



2010 leo 680px high

You don’t like letting on that you’re fretting about crows’ feet, but you’ll splash on mega-expensive products to keep your pizzazz.

You’d consider surgery, but make sure you pick the very best clinic and treatments, because you’re worth it!

Turn the clock back…by picking out what suits you from catwalk trends and wearing it with show-stopping style.

Everyone will be too dazzled to notice the odd little bulge.



2010 virgo 680px high

You’re particular about your beauty routine and when signs of ageing appear, you wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Stop worrying, if you don’t want frown lines. Stay with pure and organic because if you feel good inside, it will show outwardly.

Turn the clock back…by taking well-chosen vitamins and herbal remedies.

You know that your best defence against the signs of age is health, so never compromise on diet and fitness.



2010 libra 680px high

For you to be at ease, everything needs to look good – especially you.

Your dressing table is littered with half-used, discarded products, so why not share with friends until you all work out what really does what it says on the bottle?

Turn the clock back…by dancing. Any tunes you groove to, from pop to classical, will work their magic internally.

Music will loosen you up, head to toe, especially with a partner.



2010 Scorpio 680px high

Your sex appeal isn’t going to vanish with a few wrinkles. That aura of mystery you exude distracts everyone from the baggy bits.

When you find age-defying tricks that work, you keep it zipped – meanwhile you’re expert at prying out pals’ beauty secrets!

Turn the clock back…by wearing some fabulous underwear. You can re-sculpt your silhouette and peel off a decade.

And a glimpse of black lace continues to work the magic…



2010 saggi 680px high

Places to go, people to see, so many wonderful things to discover – worrying about a few extra lines and sags isn’t your scene.

Age brings wisdom, but you know also that your thirst for knowledge keeps you youthful, so sign up for your next course ASAP.

Turn the clock back…by travelling to exotic places. With a rucksack on your back, you’re eternally 18, but protect your skin with state-of-the-art sunblock.



2010 Capricorn 680px high

Old when you’re young and young when you’re old, you know the best is yet to come as you chalk up achievements and learn to play the fool.

Never worry about laughter lines – a cheery grin wipes off years and makes you feel good inside.

Turn the clock back…by taking daily supplements that ease stiff joints.

Banish those ageing negative thoughts with regular yoga to bring mental peace and bodily poise.



2010 aquarius 680px high

Trying to stay 20-something is a cliché. You like your face to look lived-in – it expresses your individuality.

But on an impulse, you may go for the latest beauty-tech with botox, collagen and laser-treatment. Nobody recognizes you – cool!

Turn the clock back…by finding a cause that inspires you. That spirit of adolescent rebellion lifts the corners of your mouth.

Trees, hills, wild life – they’re fab at a deeper level, but don’t forget the barrier cream to aid protection!



2010 pisces 680px highYour powers of visualization create an aura of youth – keep it up because you’re such a great actor, you’ll even have yourself convinced!

But don’t be gullible about buying ‘quick fix’ lotions and potions. For you, ‘all in the mind’ works every way.

Turn the clock back…by getting enough sleep. Soft music, a darkened room, cucumber pieces on your eyelids all work.

Try not to keep changing products – think simple, practical, regular and you’ll glow with amazing youthful vitality.