With a study showing that our sleeping positions speak volumes about our relationships, it seems what we get up to between the sheets is even more important than we thought! We’ve decoded the most common sleep positions for couples…


Liberty – 28%


What it involves: Back-to-back, no touching!

What it means: The most common of them all, this one shows you’re connected and secure in yourselves, as well as your relationship.


Cherish – 18%


What it involves: Back-to-back, touching

What it means: Most common in new relationships, this shows that both partners are fully relaxed and comfortable with each other.


Spooning – 18%


What it involves: Front-to-back, touching

What it means: Cute! This one means one partner is taking a protective stance over the other.


Lover’s knot – 8%


What it involves: Face-to-face, legs intertwined for 10 minutes, then separate

What it means: A good compromise, this one shows both intimacy and independence – it’s the best of both worlds!


Pillow talk – 7%


What it involves: Face-to-face, no touching!

What it means: This one shows a need for intimacy and close communication. You look like you’re ready for a natter in the night!


The lovers – 4%


What it involves: Face-to-face, with legs intertwined all night

What it means: Super loving and intimate, this one shows you always like to be together.


Superhero – 2%


What it involves: Lying in a starfish position, with one poor partner hanging off the bed

What it means: This one means one partner hogs the space, whilst the other takes a secondary role.


The romantic – 1%

Cropped-Sleeping-Positions.pdf-6-copyWhat it involves: One partner with their head on the other’s chest

What it means: Aww – this one’s really sweet, representing vibrant, passionate or rekindled love.


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Which of these sleeping positions is most like you and your partner? Let us know in the comments bellow…